Terrorist attacks in Italy?


This is something I am worried about when going. I keep hearing about really bad things happening there with terrorist attacks. Has it gotten any better or any worse? I don’t want to go somewhere where my life may be in danger.


That is very relative. You have higher changes of being hit by a car, than by being victim of a terrorist attack. Besides, the terrorist already won if we live our lives in fear. Their purpose is to frighten people and to make all of us believe that we are in imminent danger. We are not. I choose not to help them in achieving their purpose.

Yes, you will see armed military more often than before, but I never felt in danger in Italy


You don’t want to go somewhere where your life may be in danger? You might as well should lock yourself in your house and never leave if that’s the case. Danger CAN happen ANYWHERE. Even here in North America. You don’t need to live your life in fear though. Get out there and have fun without thinking about it.


Agreed with both posters above. Do not let terror rule our lives. That’s what they want, and that’s exactly what we shouldn’t give them. Also They’re not as rampant in Italy as they are in most other countries.


Unfortunately, terror attacks are all over the world. There is no place that you can hide from it so you might as well accept it for what it is. Your best defense is to be aware of your surrounding at all times and don’t put yourself in a position that might be dangerous. What is a dangerous position? That is the question and it is very hard to identify. Just be careful and have a great time anywhere you go. You never know what will happen


When we step out of out homes the word danger starts and no matter what or where you go it can happen at any moment. It’s been many times that A person was having an normal day walking down the street looking at the shops and then got killed when she crossed the road and hit by an car. And the driver was texting.

Even being at home isn’t always safe. People have died from sleeping in there beds and some airline or car crashed into there home.

Danger CAN happen ANYWHERE

End of the day!Try and make as much life as you can and don’t think about to much


I can see why you are worried as many people in the world must be, the world is a very messed up places with a lot of terrorist attacks taking place in quite a lot of Countries, Italy being one of them. The way I look at it though is like this. If you live in fear all your life of ever leaving your home or Country because of terrorist attacks you would never go anywhere. You need to think about the good things that will happen if you choose to visit a new Country and less about the negative because, let’s face it… you could not go and end up missing out and nothing bad happen.

I would take the opportunities when they arrive and don’t let the terrorists win!


terrorist attack in italy was so devastating it affect the people the economy and the daily life habbits of the community this refflect the people living in the city Trauma was the Bold word that scratch to the minds of the many.


Danger is everywhere. It also takes place inside our home and more when you step outside. What I don 't understand is why do some people love to see people get hurt or suffer. There have been so much of terrorist attack all over the world and it could happen anywhere. We have to live our lives to the fullest but we need to remember that there are laws out there that we need to follow and brains to know what is safe and what is not.


Well, terrorists are almost everywhere. So I think you should not let this fear sinks in your mind. Every peaceful governments have their own contingency plan. So no need to worry to much about it. Live life without fear about terrorist attacks.


No country can be absolutely free from terror attacks. They can happen any time and at any place. Luckily, in Italy there hasn’t been much terror attacks unlike other nations, but you never know.


While learning about Italy, I found out that it is a relatively peaceful country. When I find documentaries, films, and photos of its people and the place, I feel it is a very safe place to travel. Even though Italy is a popular travel destination, I think it is secure and always monitored by the government and police force if something bad may happen.


We can say that terrorists have their own plan and they are so predictable which area country or place they are going to attack, But let us hope that Any place in the world will be terrorist free. So that it will be always a safer place and tourist will feel safe and sound when they are touring around the country,


YOu would probably be more likely to be attacked by a terrorist in New YOrk, London or Paris. If you give the terrorists the power they win, I hope you still visit Italy if you so desire. This is something that shouldn’t happen.


Every country has a chance to have a terrorist attack. All you have to do is to pray that your trip will be safe.


I think that in Italy, traditional external and internal security threats are lesser than in other countries.
In mass media, the threat of terrorism in Italy is characterized as low. As far as I remember, since the 1990s, there has not been a single terrorist act with political motives on the territory of the country.