Some basic Italian words and phrases


If you’re planning on travelling to Italy but you don’t speak Italian, here are some basic words and phrases to get you through. As with any country, when you’re a tourist, the locals always appreciate it when you’ve taken the time to learn a few words in their language.

Thank you = Grazie
Excuse me = Mi scusi
I’m sorry = Mi dispiace
I do not speak Italian = Non parlo Italiano
Yes = Si
No = No
How are you? = Come va? or, Come stai?
Do you speak English? = Parla inglese?
Where is the bathroom? = Do’ve la toilette?
How much does that cost? = Quanto costa?
Please = Per favore
You’re welcome = Prego
What is your name? Come ti chiami?
My name is… = Mi chiamo…

Good morning / good afternoon = Buon giorno
Good evening = Buona sera
Good night = Buona notte
Let’s go = Andiamo
See you tomorrow = A domani
Where are you from? = Di dove sei?

Do you speak Italian? = Parla italiano?
Pretty good = Abbastanza bene
Mister = signore
Misses = signora
Miss = signorina
How old are you? = Quanti anni hai?

Hello (as a general greeting) = Ciao
Hello (when you answer the phone) = Pronto
Pleased to meet you = Piacere
Good luck = Buona fortuna

Cheers! (Good health) = Salute!
I don’t know = Non lo so


Thank you for sharing these. I’m going to print your list and tuck it away before I head out. I spoke with a travel agent who said that my family and I will be okay with just speaking English in the larger cities and tourist areas. Have you found that to be true? I’ve tried some Italian language classes, but I’m far from proficient.


Now I feel like I need to pay Italy a visit


It is amazing the similarity of Italian with Spanish. I know that there are major differences too but the words and phrases that you gave us above had some of the same words as Spanish. The difference to me is that Italian sounds sexier! Viva Italiano!


The thing is, both Italian and Spanish are in the Latin language category. They are very similar to each other. And it also easier to learn the languages for someone who knows either Italian or Spanish already.