So, these tourism protests


My question is what do seasoned travellers make of these “anti-tourism protests” (which is what they are effectively) that have happened in, amongst other places, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Dubrovnik, Venice and Santorini.

I can understand the locals frustrations at some elements of mass tourism, particularly package tours and cruise ships, where a lot less money probably filters down to the average man and woman. However, generally speaking, these protests (however small) would turn me off going to a place. My attitude would be if that’s what you want then fine, I won’t visit your city, no matter how beautiful it is. There are enough other places where my custom would be appreciated.

What do people think?


I think they have the right to voice how they feel but they should consider what it does for their town or area. It brings in tons of money and tons of business. It give smaller shops a chance to shine and grow as well.


Sometimes, these actions are counterproductive. I advice them to be organized and form a proper group to ensure fair play.


Can totally understand the frustration. However as crush3r stated, tourism is one of the highest grossing incomes for a country, and they should understand that their lifestyle would have to change tremendously if they were to stop tourism


I agree. I do understand their frustration, but without tourism Italy has so much to lose!

I’ve recently read that Italy is among the top 10 most visited countries in the world. Well, I think we can all understand why! There’s so much history here, and so much beauty, it’s really a shame not to visit if you have the chance!

Although I understand too many tourists can indeed be stressful on the locals and also, potentially dangerous for the landmarks (I don’t know if you’ve heard, but archaeologists are worried that the Pompeii landmark is slowly but surely at risk of degradation),. But instead of protesting they should come up with a solution!


I don’t think any protests could stop me from going to Italy. If it is some place I decide I want to spend my money on and go to, then I’m going to go to Italy and have a good time no matter what the circumstances are.


That’s the spirit! And a healthy attitude as well.

We have the opportunity to travel today more often today than ever before! It’s a shame not to take advantage.

Besides, Italians are wonderful people. They might protest, but they’re peaceful, they’re not going to harm you as a tourist :slight_smile: And their problem isn’t with the tourists per se, but maybe with the lack of “severe punishment” should tourists disrespect the landmarks and places they visit.


I’d think that “turning you off going to a place” is pretty much the objective of such protests :smiley: But frankly, I don’t really consider myself a tourist. I am a traveller. You won’t see me being part of a gush of tourists taking the hop-on hop-off bus or anything :smiley: