Saying No - Do you have trouble?


Some people have trouble saying no. They say yes to everything they are asked to do. Have you ever seen the movie Yes Man? People in real life are kind of like that who have a problem by saying no.

I use to be a Yes man. I would say yes to everything and then quickly realized I would get way too stressed out. Now I’m doing a lot better at thinking about things when I’m asked to do something and I will think if I really want to do it or not before simply saying yes.

Where do you fall in?


I used to be like you… always saying yes and the realizing I had taken on too much and would struggle or get really stressed out. I recently did it a few weeks ago with my brother and I ended up making myself ill with the stress. I have now learned to be more cautious about what I say yes to and to think about how much it may affect my life and my routine before I jump in and say yes. I do feel that I could say no a lot more often than I do now and eventually I will work towards that.


I can with some people. I guess it depends. I hate saying no when I know the person needs help but I have learned to say no if I really don’t want to do something. Like if a friend asks me to go out to a bar or something, I say no. I am not a bar person. I am not a party person. I lost friends over it but I had to do what was best for me.


I also find it quite difficult to say no at times, I guess I’m a bit of a ‘people pleaser’. I wish it was easier to say no, though. It has to be something I really don’t want to do for me to outright say no.


The older I get the more I lean to the easier to say NO path but I also really try to evaluate each and every situation carefully before making a decision. I think when you really think through all of your important potential commitments the answer regardless if it is YES or NO ultimately makes sense. Also wanted to say I really enjoyed reading all of the perspectives above.


I used to have massive trouble in saying no to people. However, I have changed and now I can say it without any issue.

I think that by having the ability to say no, you are displaying that you are a strong person internally.


I have a hard time saying “no” sometimes. It’s the worst for work, because I know I get really taken advantage of. :frowning:


Uh… I thought “Yes Man” was about a guy who always said no, and had to learn about embracing live by saying “yes” to opportunities.

Having said that, to answer the original question…



Had some more to add. Saying no is, often, one of the most difficult things to try and do, especially if it is for someone that you care about. The fact of the matter is, knowing how to say no is actually really healthy for you and it allows you to have healthy boundaries within your relationships as well. While I still say “yes” when I can, I try to be sure to balance my life as best as I can.


I’m definitely a Yes person. I always say yes when people/my friends ask me for a favor. However, I only say yes if ever I feel that there’s really a need for me to help that person (which is very common because I basically don’t know how to sort out emotions properly and always end up pitying that person). Fortunately, I’m on this positive thinking that even if it stresses me a lot, I can also learn from the things I do for them and I consider that as an opportunity to be able to learn more and be equipped.