Rosetta Stone for Italian


Has anyone ever used Rosetta Stone for learning Italian? If so, did you like it? Hate it? Is there a better program available?
Asking for my father, who has mentioned buying it to learn Italian, but seems expensive if it doesn’t help produce results.


A friend who bought Rosetta Stone uses it mostly to practice his vocabulary. It’s like a flash-card software; we see pictures, then we learn the Italian words (and possibly some phrases). It doesn’t teach any grammar, though. That puts a limit on how much we can fluently speak the language.

It depends on what kind of learner your father is and his goals in learning Italian.


I’ve found this site to make some extensive reviews of the most popular Italian courses available:

They cover:

  • Rocket Italian
  • Rosetta Stone Italian
  • Pimsleur Italian audio courses
  • Michel Thomas Italian


We’ve had a language learning software learnng Russian, Spanish and German. Rosetta tool is excellent, thorough and enjoyable to go through the course.