Protecting yourself from pickpocketers


The last time I went to Italy, I remember my mother being very adamant about staying alert and watching out for pickpocketers. Is this still a prevalent issue in Italy, or at least the big cities? How do you suggest safeguarding yourself from this threat?


I think this is prevalent in most big cities all over the world. Not just Italy. Last time I went to New York City I had the hidden money pouch in my bra. Always remember to carry a purse that goes across your body instead of just over your shoulder. Men should wear a money belt under their shirt instead of using a back pocket wallet.


Thank you for the tips! I realize it could happen anywhere, but I’ve read a lot of articles, like this one, “The Top 10 Cities You’re Most Likely to Be Pickpocketed in,” and usually the vast majority of the locations mentioned are European cities. Of course, there is always some kind of bias in those kinds of articles.