Protecting yourself from pickpocketers


The last time I went to Italy, I remember my mother being very adamant about staying alert and watching out for pickpocketers. Is this still a prevalent issue in Italy, or at least the big cities? How do you suggest safeguarding yourself from this threat?


I think this is prevalent in most big cities all over the world. Not just Italy. Last time I went to New York City I had the hidden money pouch in my bra. Always remember to carry a purse that goes across your body instead of just over your shoulder. Men should wear a money belt under their shirt instead of using a back pocket wallet.


Thank you for the tips! I realize it could happen anywhere, but I’ve read a lot of articles, like this one, “The Top 10 Cities You’re Most Likely to Be Pickpocketed in,” and usually the vast majority of the locations mentioned are European cities. Of course, there is always some kind of bias in those kinds of articles.


I think in any place you visit pickpocketers are present, I’m not saying all countries but it is rampant with what is happening with the economy. I think the best way to avoid them is to be vigilant in your surroundings, also try not to dress too fancy when you’re about to go to a crowded place.


That’s true. This kind of petty crime is very rampant nowadays in any part of the world. In order to secure yourself from pickpocketers, you must NOT put your wallet on your back pocket or backpacks. It would be safe if you’ll put it in your front pockets, bras, and also in socks or shoes.


To prevent from being victimized by pickpocketers, you just have to be always aware of your surrounding, whether you’re walking or riding in any public utilities. Wallets should be placed on your front pockets. Do not pull out bills while walking. Prepare your bills before you leave home, for bus fare, taxi and for newspaper. We should be really careful. I don’t believe Italy has this problem of pickpocketers. Though I have not been there, I admire the country for its peacefulness.


Well, that’s true. Awareness within the surroundings is a MUST. Of course, you must be aware of those people around you. Some might be suspicious-looking guys, others would pretend as if a boy-or-girl-next-door. So don’t be so confident whenever you’re roaming around or in public places. Remember Aesop’s fable, The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.


We cannot tell if the place is really safe unless we experienced it. And we all know that most of the times now crime is everywhere and one of the common crime taken place is when you encounter pickpocket person/people. Especially if we are the tourist, since we are the tourist we get amazed by the beauty that a place could offer upon us. Aside from it we tend to take pictures here and there and worst thing is we forgot where we really at and forgotten that we are tourist and not aware in the pickpocket people. So my suggestions were

  1. Always make yourself alert ,active and alive even though you got amazed by the scenes because that is the time that these pickpocketer will grab the opportunity to get your things.
  2. Wear according to what is necessary, Wear the comfortable clothes and not the fancy one. Cause the way you dress will also attract these pickpocketer to victimize you.
  3. Do not go alone, especially if you know that you will visiting the crowded place , always find yourself a buddy so that whatever happens there is always a help right away.
  4. Lastly , bring things that are necessary , try not to bring all the things especially if they are not applicable and not able to use on the place.

Hope it helps .Thank You


I think in any place, you have to be cautious because we can never tell. First of course make sure to secure your things like placing your bag infront instead wearing your backpack at the back or letting your shoulder bag hanging unguard on your side. Second, do not wear flashy, luxurious jewelries or anything that is travel unnecessary. Third, be aware of the surrounding keeping alert at all times.


I’m from Philippines and in my country pickpocketers and snatchers of handbag or any other accessories is a daily problem of most people here especially in urban places. I suggest that if you are walking make sure you are aware of people behind you or following you in a different manner. Make sure your valuable things is placed inside your bag and in front of you. Don’t put it in your backpack. Don’t walk alone, and don’t ask to much so that no one hears that you are new or a foreigner instead open your google map or act like you know where to go, or you know the place. So that people with bad intention will be discourage from doing their dirty works. Be aware and mindful when walking around the city, and don’t forget to have a number of police hotline in every city you wanted to visit in case of emergency.


You should only carry what you absolutely need with you. I always make sure that wherever I’m staying has a safe so that I can leave important things that I don’t need there, as well as any extra cash. Having a wallet that you can wear around your neck and underneath your clothes is a good way to make sure that you don’t have to worry about pickpockets. Like others have said, always be aware of your surroundings.


That is so true. It has been part of the our culture that when there are people there are pickpockets and snatchers. You are right, sometimes you’ve got to pretend as if you really know the place by acting like one. If you bring cash with you, remember to split them into three and put them into different parts of your body like underneath your socks, or even in your underwear.
And one more thing, they love cellphones and jewelries and you don’t wanna show them off and draw them out and if you do they might take all those stuff from you without getting hurt if you are lucky because these thugs nowadays will do everything just to get what they want.


I hate pickpocketers they’re a lot of pickpocketers here in my country that’s why we’re always alert when in crowded places. And if we’re carrying a backpack we place our bags in front just to make sure they don’t steal something inside our bags. When I’m carrying a big amount of money I place it in my pocket and sometimes I like wearing pants that have a secret pocket so I could place my money there. Be alert all the time don’t be too careless to avoid the pickpocketers.


I used money belt because it is one of the most secure ways to carry valuables like extra money and passport. On crowded public transportation, I wear may backpack backwards because it will allows me to keep an eye on it. Avoid looking like a tourist, keep your smartphone tucked away and always maintain situational awareness when you’re out or in public places.


Pickpockets are in every country and not just in Italy. I normally have a waist bag that ties around my waist that I put cash and cards into. I keep it zipped up too. Carrying a bag over my shoulder is a no no as it is far too easy for someone to grab off of me and run off with it.


Yes, I think it always helps to be protective of your belongings. I think taking safety precautions and keeping an eye on your belongings helps alot. It is just one of the ways that you can get the sort of help you might need with keeping your stuff safe.


As other people have said, pickpockets are everywhere, not just in Italy or the larger European cities. Wherever there’s a crowd there are likely to be pickpockets and “snatchers”. One “hot spot” for snatchers are the doors of underground trains and buses. I’ve read reports which describe how possessions (usually phones and tablets) are snatched from people sitting next to the doors. The thieves can make a quick getaway in these circumstances. They often work in teams and the stolen item is passed between them so that if the victim recognizes the thief the item is not discovered on that thief.


I think common sense prevails to counter the activites of pickpockets anywhere in the world. I always have either a jacket with a zipped inner pocket or an across the body travel purse when I’m travelling. I also have 2 or 3 photocopies of all important documents and copies of them on my phone, just in case they get lost or stolen.