Prejudice Against Italian-Americans


In the US, Italians were generally looked down upon like the Irish. In fact, only recently have they had a more upscale image. Anyway, do you feel that many Italian-Americans are tired of being associated with crime and poverty, where the only positive movie role model is Rocky?


I would imagine they do get pretty fed up and tired of being associated with crime and poverty, yes. I wouldn’t imagine anyone would be happy if they were associated with that. Many Italian’s though don’t seem to take it too harshly and instead will go about like they are better than anyone else and anyone else who is different to them is worse off.


Prejudice against anyone is terrible. Highly against all of it. But I assume White Italians have it a lot better. But Americans as a whole can be pretty prejudice against someone not of their kind. Not to generalize or anything! But things seem to be getting better!


I think that the Italian American blood line is so diluted now, how would we know if you have Italian blood, anyway. Prejudice in this country is rampant anyway no matter what blood line you have. As for me, I’m part American Indian but you wouldn’t know it to look at me. Hopefully, the dilution of the blood and intermixing with the rest of the country will eliminate some of the prejudice.


I always thought the Italians that were looked down on in America were the Jersey Shore ones. Those people are toxic though so I don’t blame Italians looking down on them. So many of them are just trashy people who are rude, hateful, and unintelligent.


A lot of anti-American snobs like to point out stuff like Jersey Shore. For instance, when a hurricane hit New Jersey, one of the European ones joked that it missed Jersey Shore, lol. But anyway, their hatred of America is often masking some deeper grudge and normally it’s childish.