Popular sports in Italy


Whenever I think of sports and Italy, my mind instantly jumps to football. I’ve only just now realized that I don’t know what other sports are popular there. What other sports are Italians into? Is there anything as prominent as football?


Cycling, I guess…

(Giro D’Italia)


I’ve never really thought of anything other than football when it comes to looking at the popular sports in the country. After thinking a bit, I also realized that tennis is likely a very popular sport, since a lot of Italians go to the Grand Slam events. Any other (more unlikely) sports that we’re missing thus far?


That’s a good call about tennis. I can’t say for sure, though. Basketball is probably big there since the Italian League has been pretty good in the past. I don’t think it’d be as big as it is in the US, but I can’t say that for sure. What about rugby or cricket?