Popular food in Italy


The more I read about Italian Cuisine the more I realize I have already had many of these dishes. They may not be authentic but still, it has to be close. Some of the ones I have had and loved are pasta, pizza, risotto and tiramisu. One that I really want to try is scaloppini di vitello which is breaded veal scallops sautéed in olive oil. Sounds delicious. Do you have a favorite Italian dish or is there one you want to try?


My friend went to this place in Sorrento (of course, she can’t remember the name) but they had lightly-breaded baby calamari that she said were absolutely to die for. She even made her family go back there the next night so she could get them again. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find something like that! I’m very interested in trying their seafood dishes. The one you mentioned sounds delicious!


Wow! To go back two days in a row, it must have been good. I am a big fan of calamari so I will have to hunt this restaurant or one like it. If your friend ever remembers the name of this place, please let us know.