Popular diet constraints?


In my country, many people worry about gluten free food or they’re cutting carbs by following the Keto diet. Which diet constraints are popular among Italians?


According to an article on WebMD, Italy has a smaller number of obese people compared to the US. As the main carbs source, pasta is consumed in a small amount with other fresh, healthy ingredients. Sounds to me like they don’t really need a specific diet plan to stay healthy.


Yeah, I’ve never really heard of them following a special diet. It’s hard to imagine that they do when you consider the amount of cheese and pasta in their dishes.


I think the U.S. tops the list for obesity because of our unhealthy eating habits and our processed foods. Pasta is fine in small quantities and mixed with other healthy ingredients. Here in the states we are served a portion of pasta that could feed 3 or 4 people.


I read somewhere on this site that Italian children are becoming more obese than usual. I thought Italian folks helped to make the Mediterranean diet so popular, so I’m surprised by that.