Pompeii - Worth a visit


For the lovers of history, all of Italy is very interesting, and Pompeii is no exception.

Pompeii was founded in the 7th - 6th century BC, and it was abandoned in 79 AD after it was destroyed by 13 to 20 feet of volcanic ash when Mount Versuvius erupted. It is estimated that Pompeii had a population of about 11,000. Pretty sad, if you think of it.

Pompeii was rediscovered in 1599 after being lost for 1,500 years. Nowadays, it gets about 2.5 million tourists a year, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy.

A lot of the city has been very well preserved, due to the fact it was buried, and the lack of air. Thanks to this preservation, historians have been helped a lot in learning about the ancient art and every day life.
There was a big earthquake just a few years before the volcanic eruption. This earthquake did lots of damage, and many people left Pompeii to escape theft and starvation.

The eruption of Mount Versuvius happened on August 24, 79 AD, which was just a day after Vulcanalia, the festival of the Roman god of fire. Ironic, eh?

Pompeii is a must-see for any history lover.


Wow thank you for sharing this. My fiance had actually mentioned Pompeii being a beautiful and cultural rich area to visit. I had no idea about the eruption. That is quite cool! I did some studies when I was a bit younger on Roman/Greek mythology and that is one thing I actually did not know.

Have you been to Pompeii yourself?


Unfortunately, no, I’ve never been to Pompeii, but having gone to school in Europe, I learned a lot about it in history class.

Pompeii was in part a favourite vacation spot for well to do people who had villas there.

While they excavated Pompeii years and years later, they used plaster to fill in the open spots within the layers of ash, where human bodies used to be. By using this method, archaeologists were able to see the exact position of the people when they were buried under the huge layers of ash from the Versuvius volcano.

I remember the teacher talking about this and saying some people were making love, which indicates that they were unsuspecting of what was happening. It must have happened very quickly. This can also be concluded from the fact that nobody appears to have escaped death.

I guess nowadays it’s safe to visit the city of Pompeii because we have so many gadgets now to predict when a volcano will erupt and we can stay away from the area should there be any danger.

I hope you and your girlfriend will definitely visit Pompeii, seems like a real interesting place to go when you’re in Italy.


I plan on going to Pompeii as well! Just the thought of a whole civilization being exterminated by a volcano/lava is totally unreal! They say there are still statuesque figures that are really the actual people that were killed in the lava flow. Can you imagine?


I’ve been to Pompeii and here are a few tips I can share:

  • reserve the whole day for this; Pompeii is so huge that you cannot properly cover it in less than a full day (64 to 67 ha - 170 acres)
  • wear very comfortable shoes (see above why), and also comfortable clothes; it can get pretty hot during the day and you’ll be spending pretty much the whole day there
  • take plenty of water with you; you can also buy refreshments inside, but don’t expect them after each corner in Pompeii
  • get an audio guide before entering, otherwise you will feel you are missing on lots of history and stories. While all the texts are also available in English, an audio guide is a must if you ask me. You are there to learn all there is about Pompeii, right ?

Watch this Hollywood movie about Pompeii before you go: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1921064/

Don’t expect a cinematographic master-piece, because it isn’t, but it’s quite entertaining.


Spent 2 days going around Pompeii! Have to say it was the best part of my trip so far. It was very tiring but everything was absolutely breathtaking, and the tour guide shared so many amazing stories. There’s a lot of history there!


Completely forgot about that: a good tour guide in Pompeii would make for the best spent money.


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Pompeii is definitely a must-see in my book. It’s as if ancient Romans were living there until yesterday. I remember hearing about the House of Gladiators collapsing and want to go there before any other building falls.


I would definitely visit Pompeii. It`s just a huge historical site. If you are a history buff like me, you will like the place for sure.