Pizza - What's your favorite?


Hawaiin style pizza! It is the best ever tasting pizza for me. I do like more cheese rather than pineapple. It is so simple but the taste of the cheese combined with the sweetness of pineapple are a match made in heaven for me.


We are same dude. Hawaiin pizza really rocks. Simple but the taste are awesome.


I prefer a pizza with a balance of elements of a mixture of veggies/fruit, meat, and cheeses. My favorite pizza contains a little beef or chicken and overloaded with veggies! I also love Hawaiian style pizza and Garden special.


When it comes to food especially pizza I like all the flavors as long as it is a pizza, there is no pizza flavor that can turn off the taste of people, pizza is made with a good combination of spices meats and other elements to experience different kinds of taste and every piece of it is delicious. But there are people who has their own favorite for some reasons but for me I like all the flavors.


I like pepperoni pizza because of its very great taste and unique blend of ingredients. I was a lover of pizza even before my childhood times because I like the taste and the way pizza looks, it is very interesting and attractive to me in any ways. Most of my family members love to eat pizza during some occasions or celebration.


I hope nobody will hate us here because I know some people do not like putting pineapple on pizza! :smiley:

Hawaiian pizza is heaven on earth. :grin:


It has to have a thick crust and my favorite topping is mozzarella cheese, tiny roasted cherry tomatoes, dribbles of basil and oregano steepd olive oil and a dash of spicy pizza sauce. YUM.


My husband and I visit Italian restaurants quite often. He just loves Margherita, I think it is the most popular choice. As for me, I prefer to cook pizza with meat. I usually choose beef for it. I make a thin dough by myself and add different types of cheese. My mother makes a very thick but healthy pizza, she adds various types of vegetables and uses the dietic meat for it. I love her pizza very much. Sometimes I order a pizza with seafood in a local restaurant.


I really like cheese flavored pizzas. There’s just something melted cheese that makes it so appealing to me. It’s so flavorful and aromatic.


I love all meat pizza or all cheese pizza.


I don’t know if I’ll ever like Hawaiian flavored pizzas. It’s just not my thing. The pineapple feels so wrong for some reason. But I get why others might like it.