Pizza - What's your favorite?


A while ago, I was on a date, and she insisted on going to an Italian place. I kinda hesitated because I simply HATE cheese, but it turned out these guys were actually ok with NOT putting cheese on the pizza. I thought I had discovered heaven. I don’t know what it was called, but it had lots of sausage and mushroom :slight_smile:


I LOVE pizza. Best way for me to derail a diet hahahaha.I don’t think I’ve ever had a legitimate Italian pizza- the closest may have been when I was living in Japan. There was an Italian restaurant in particular that I remember that won some pizza award in Naples. Beautiful margherita pizza, just the right balance of everything.

In the States, I love a good pepperoni pizza. I’m from Chicago, so I love my Chicago-style, but St. Louis, New York, etc…just give me a yummy pie. :slight_smile:

In Japan, I loved a barely fried egg on top of a personal sized pizza, squid, seaweed, and corn. Corn on pizza is so good! Perfect blend of sweet and salty.


I have never heard of any of that on a pizza Sarahk26. But you were in Japan after all. My friend and I went to an Italian restaurant here in the states some years ago and ordered spaghetti. It was delicious. It was also served with a salad that had whole cloves of garlic. I think that was the best salad I have ever eaten. Love that garlic.


Oohh i love all flavors and kids of pizza. But My favorite is thin crusted pepperoni pizzas! I like it with lots of cheese and lots of flavorings in it. Now I’m thinking about it and make me wanna order one!


I really love pizza a lot and pepperoni and Hawaiian style are my personal favorite. I really love the melted cheese and the scent of bell pepper really strengthens the aroma that will absolutely make you crave for more. For the Hawaiian style, the combination of cheese and pineapple chunks really compliment each other and together they create a different kind of mouth watering taste inside your mouth.
I think I am gonna have to call the nearest pizza parlor in town right now and place an order.


The more and more that I eat it seems that it is the simpler the better. The neopolitan style with chunks of cheese and light sauce has to be up there for me, and outside of that it probably just depends on what I am in the mood for. Either way it is hard to go wrong.


My gawd! I loooove pizza. Every since I was a child, I’ve been a lover of this type of food. I haven’t tasted Italian pizza yet but I’ve heard that they’re to die for.

My favorite pizza toppings consist of mushrooms, green bell peppers, ground beef, olives, and salami. Of course, I also like mozerella cheese added to the mix.

My favorite pizza place is Shakey’s, Dominoes and Don Henrico’s. I don’t like pizza Hut that much (although their seafood pizza is to die for).

Whats the most popular pizza place in Italy? And what is the most highly recommended type of pizza?


I follow the saying “the simple things in life are often the best” so for me it’s Margherita all the way. Tomato sauce, cheese, fresh basil - I think when those ingredients are super fresh it’s like heaven for your tastebuds.

A topping that I love on pizza though that is either a love or hate for people is pineapple.


I love all meat pizza this is because I prefer meat than vegetable. I also loved all cheese pizza. Any kind of cheese for that matter. What I hate is pineapple in a pizza.


I love meat pizza too! Many people might hate me here but I like pineapples on my pizza. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Hawaiian pizza because it has the right amount of meat, cheese, and pineapples. Please don’t hate me for loving pineapples on pizza. :heart:


Who doesn’t love pizza right?? Well I havent decided what kind of pizza is my favorite. Because as far as I can remember I eat pretty much any types and flavors of pizza. What I can say is the first pizza that I love is Hawaiian pizza. I love pineapple in my pizza.


Pizza is my daily food with a bowl of herby salad and I live in the UK. I make the dough in my breadmaker and use my own toppings. I love pepperoni and mushrooms with a little garlic, jalapeno’s and loads of herbs like oregano, thyme and basil. I don’t put a tomato sauce on it and just have a little low fat mozzarella and grated parmesan to finish it off.


I really love Pizza and I can eat a whole platter just by myself. My favorite pizza is the Hawaiian Pizza because it has slices of Pineapple which I like because it adds some sweet taste to the Pizza. However, when Hawaiian’s not available I also love to eat any kind of Pepperoni because it’s kinda meaty and flavorful. Actually, in my country Pizzas are very expensive therefore I can only eat it sometimes or two times a month, and that’s why I have yet to try other flavors and the flavor I really wanna try is Lasagna pizza. Hopefully I can eat it soon.


I love to eat pizzas! My favorite is the BBQ chicken pizza that has chicken toppings mixed with yummy BBQ sauce. Also, there needs to be a good amount of cheese on the pizza since I’m a big fan of cheese!


I honestly like all types of pizza as long it has a lot of cheese in it because it is one of the things that makes me attract to eat pizza. I really like eating pizza because it is one of my favorite and even my family as well, It was already a part of my family bonding to have a pizza every 2 times in a month to have a closer family ties and to strengthen our relationship from each other.


I love pizzas with raisted vegetables such as onions, aubergines, courgettes etc. I do’t like a lot of cheese because I find the taste can be overpowering. And I hate fruit, such as pineapples, on pizzas. I always eat my pizzas with a dribble-on spicy sauce.


I love a basic cheese and tomato pizza - a margherita I think they’re called. I’m not very experimental with them. However, I do like those pizzas with thick crusts especially around the edge.


There is really a lot of flavors in pizza that we are all surely love. But for me my favorite and one of the comfort food and pizza flavor of mine is the Hawaiian flavor, regardless if it thick or thin crust, no matter what the crust was, regardless if its expensive or not as long as the pizza flavor is Hawaiian I will surely love it especially if there are more pineapples on it. :slight_smile:


I love my pizza with lots of meat and cheese (overload it with mozarella please!) and bell peppers!


That is hard to say. I used to love a Spinach and Brocoli pizza that Pizzeria Uno had. I guess my favorite would be something with artichokes on it. I like a good white pizza that might be my favorite.