Pizza - What's your favorite?


Pretty much everyone loves pizza. There are plenty of different kinds of pizzas out there.

What one is your favorite and why?

I love all pizza. Meat lover’s would be my favorite because of how much meat there is on the pizza.


I like just about anything without seafood or fruit (tomatoes aside). My main pizza is usually banana peppers, olives, and Italian pepperoni. I prefer thinner crust as well since I like to have a bit of a crunch to it.


I have not tried a seafood pizza before. That sounds interesting. If I try a type of seafood pizza I wouldn’t mind if there was calamari on it.


We really like pepperoni and green peppers. Also fans of hawaiian pizza (pineapple and canadian bacon), and a local place has been playing around with smoked mozzarella, which I really enjoyed with a good italian sausage and tomatoes.

Not an fan of the big takeaway’s like dominos. Make of an going to an restaurant for the best home cooked pizza.


Pizza sadly gives me an upset stomach. I know this might anger a lot of people, but I like white pizza the best. Instead of marinara sauce, its alfredo sauce, with spinach and cheese on it. Nice and simple, creamy and delicious. Sometimes with etither chicken or olives (or both!) in it. On a nice crispy crust.


My daughter introduced me to chicken and pineapple with white sauce instead of the traditional red. I have become a real hog of that kind of pizza. Heck, the last time we ordered it, my dog knocked the box off and ate the rest in like 20 seconds. We didn’t have a chance! You should try it!


I had always been a huge fan of pepperoni or salami pizza, that was until I saw a seafood pizza which has things like tuna and prawns on and I decided to give it a try. Man was I surprised at how nice it was and since then, seafood pizza has become my new favourite without a doubt. I also find that seafood pizza has a little less grease on due to them using seafood and not foods such as pepperoni or salami which can be quite greasy when cooked on pizza.


Pepperoni has always been my favorite. Cheesy as hell with pepperoni slices and I am in heaven!!


As for pizza, I can not have a favorite because I like all kinds of them. As for the ingredients to make “THE” pizza, it would definitely be cheese, bacon, ham and pineapple. It’s the best combination ever! Vegetarians also have a unique and very pleasant taste. The ones with meat, onion and cheese are also one of the best. I’ve never had the opportunity to eat authentic Italian pizza, the closest I’ve ever had was in an Italian(They say) restaurant with my colleague, who has been in Italy, but she said that they had nothing to do with the real ones so I thought: “If these are delicious… I can not imagine those of Italy!”.


I also am a fan of almost all non-seafood pizzas. Pizza seems to make any combination of ingrediants nice! However, I like meaty pizzas. I heard, though (somewhere on this forum), that Italians are minimalistic with their pizzas and prefer a thin crust, and fewer ingredients. This probably tastes lovely from the right place in Italy!


My favorite by far is one type called napoletana that is topped with tomato, mozzarella, anchovies and oil, It is simply the best combination of ingredients I have ever tasted haha I love it. And I agree with you boron12, It is very hard to make a bad combination of ingredients!


I looooove Italian pizza!
My absolute favorites are “prosciutto and funghi” and the “margherita”.
I’m also a big pan of the “quattro stagioni” and “quattro formaggi”. However, the 4 cheese pizza is not exactly the best choice if you’d like to keep your figure :smiley:

The only pizza I can’t seem to have the gust to try is seafood pizza. I LOVE seafood, but somehow I can’t associate it with pizza… is that weird?


I have made pizza with over 14 years…
Margherita is the real pizza
mine personally… salsiccia & friarielly


Margherita is to die for, best pizza I had in Rome!


It’s odd :slight_smile: Margherita is indeed very good, and I see many of you have mentioned it. But on the other hand it’s the most basic pizza! So, there you go, proof that the less you put on a pizza, the tastier it is :smiley: lol :smiley:

Has anyone here ever had “white pizza”? (pizza bianca, in Italian) What did you think?


I like pretty much all the popular toppings, especially Italian sausage and pepperoni. I don’t like onions, tomatoes (not the sauce, the tomato toppings), or ham/Canadian bacon. Anchovies are OK kind of but they taste kind of weird sometimes depending on how much you get and what the restaurant is.


Italians use anchovies quite often! If they don’t put it on a pizza, they use it in recipes and salsas. I’ve noticed this lately, as I tied to “replicate” Italian recipes in my own kitchen.

I also think they taste weird though :smiley: I mean, if you eat them on a bruschetta, you can’t taste anything else! They’re not that bad though, just have a (very!) strong flavor.


Pepperoni is a personal favorite of my mine!


Rose. I have had white pizza two different ways. One was with the Alfredo Sauce and One was just brushed with butter and no sauce. I prefer the one with no sauce and lots of banana peppers and onions.


I love the one with Alfredo sauce! It tasted amazing and it was so cheesy! It’s an absolute must try!