Piazza Bra in Verona


Anyone ever been to the Piazza Bra square in Verona? Really want to visit the world-famous 1st-century Arena. What else fun is there to do in the area?


I have not but from the pictures I have been looking at, I want to go! I will have to look more into this area. It looks very old world and relaxing. I love the architecture as well.


One of the best things to do in Verona is just walking along Piazza Bra, it’s just an amazing location. I would also suggest to walk to Piazza delle Erbe, which was built upon a Roman forum and it’s amazing as well.

Not very far from Piazza Bra, there’s also Castelvecchio and its bridge. Not to be missed!


One of the most memorable experiences would be to attend an opera at the Verona Arena. I didn’t managed last time, but will surely do next time. The Opera Festival runs throughout the summer and the tickets sell out quickly.

Official site and program for next year’s festival: http://www.arena.it/arena/en/season/performances-of-the-arena-opera-festival.html

It’s the 3rd biggest Roman Amphitheater that survived from antiquity, having a size of 139m x 110m. It can host up to 22.000 spectators.


It’s the 3rd? I always thought it was the 2nd largest, after the Colosseum. Good to know!
I’ve never been to Verona before, although I was so close so many times! I would visit the lake but then go straight home, instead of touring the Verona city.


Yeah, I remember the one in Capua is a bit larger, although it’s in ruins. The one in Verona is in stellar conditions in comparison.