No Showering in Italy?


So someone told me that showering and showers in general is not a custom to a typical family in Italy. It seems most homes simply have baths. I am not sure if this is the same for the hotels or not but I am curious about this. Is this true or is this just another thing that people objectify onto the culture?


Yes, most homes in Italy have bath tub but then most hotels have a shower head, I so sure of the hand held.


Thanks for responding Lauren. I was not sure if this was just something that people said or was actual fact. I think that is kind of cool in a way but I will be happy to be able to take a shower in my hotel room. haha


Italians regularly take showers so it’s a myth to say they don’t. An interesting thing about Italian tubs in hotels is that they’ll have an emergency cord for you to pull if you are in an accident.


All the places I stayed in (Homes), had shower heads included. Although I can’t say whether they used them or not, but they were definitely present.


They definitely used it. Most of the articles I’ve read said that Italians regularly shower. It boggles my mind that they would install shower heads if they don’t use it.


Yes most probably. For a second I thought they may have installed it just for the gust room as they assume out of country guests use them, but I doubt that would be the case for every single Place we stayed at.


Really? Most of the websites I have looked this up indicate that while daily showers are not a thing in Italy, most Italians shower every other day or so regularly. You’re definitely right that hotels and places that were meant to host foreigners will have shower heads either way.


If you watch shows that happen to be in Italy most of the homes just have bath tubs with no shower heads. I’m not sure if all houses are like that in Italy. That would be interesting not being able to shower!


I think that is a throw-back to the older ideas that Americans had of Italians. Some of the old movies showed bath tubs as a sexy Italian scene. The older buildings probably don’t all have showers, but I’m sure most of the modern ones do.


I agree Bertha that many of the older buildings probably won’t have showers in the bathroom but like you said most modern buildings probably do to keep up with the modern standards. If staying in a hotel it’s probably best to phone them and see if they have shower heads if it’s really important to you to have one.


I couchsurfed with a family in Rome and I used their shower so there are many Italians who definitely have showers. I found this true to be in Pisa as well. They did find by habit of daily showering strange though. Of course, there are some part of Italy with different bathing customs. .


Another thing that you can do if you don’t want to go in that small bath tub. You can always have a ‘shower’ by jumping in a lake or a river and wash yourself there just like people use to do in the old days :smiley:


I have heard about this before. Someone said that the first thing that would surprise you when going to Italy is that most houses there have no bathtub. Not only in ordinary homes but even in hotels, bathtubs are not necessarily given.
Although there are some houses with a bathtub, either way it’s not a big deal for Italians. And they have no custom of filling a bathtub with hot water and taking a relaxing bath in it.
I learnt that they don’t have a bathtub reheating system. No temperature control function.
Still wondering how true is that.


Uh!? Actually Italians pay a lot of attention to personal care…we usually have a bathtub with the shower head included, so we technically have both things. We can decide for a bath, if we want “to relax”, or a shower if we want something quickier.

As for the hotels, it depends on their “level”. If it’s low-cost, you’ll probably find only the shower.


I’ve never heard of Italians not showering regularly… I don’t know about the majority of cases, but most apartments I’ve lived in or entered (to visit friends) had showers. And I have yet to meet an Italian who doesn’t bathe :rofl:
Oh, and I’ve noticed many, many people exercise here. Either at the gym or jogging or playing sports like rugby or soccer. I’m sure they have to shower “by force” (per forza :sweat_smile:) when they arrive home.