Mythology Tours


I know bits and pieces about Roman mythology but I’m dying to know more! I know that I would like to see some sites associated with myths while I’m in Rome, but I’m wondering what you all think would be the best way to do this. Is there a great organized tour? Would it be better to have my own personal tour guide via some site like ToursByLocals? Or is this something I could do on my own pretty easily? Thank you!


To be honest most tour guides are just in it for the money and would waste time and fill it with non essential stuff.

Google up, Check out places you think are interesting, make a check list and plan your trip accordingly.


Sites associated with myths… none really come to mind, because most points of interest are historical. Maybe the Pantheon would be suitable, and possibly the Via Appia…?

I think there is a bus from Terminus to the end/beginning of the Via Appia, so you can just walk back leisurely.


@WhenInRome Yeah, I figured a lot of tours are likely filled with non-essential stuff, but I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t an amazing tour out there I haven’t found yet. I’ve definitely been on some great ones in the past! Thanks for the help.

@Jerry I think both of those are great ideas! I had the Pantheon on my list, but I hadn’t considered Via Appia. Thank you so much for that suggestion. I’ll have to check out the bus.


Are there any other suggestions out there about these sorts of tours? Maybe there’s a museum or some other place that I can visit in order to get more information or to hear it from people who are passionate about the subject? I’d love to get as much information about the mythological as I would the historical parts of the country while I’m there!


@LittleItalyFan and @MiriamC: Since there are some mythology tours out there, you should see what spots those tour guides take their parties to get an idea of different places you could go. I would definitely suggest checking out sites like ToursByLocals since they might have some places that are a little more off the grid.


This might not be what you’re looking for, but there are two museums that have a lot of statues featuring mythology. They are the National Roman Museum and the Capitoline Museums.


Having a tour guide is quite helpful but are also pricey and they usually attend to you in groups and might take a lot of your time. It is still best to do your research first. Make a list of places you want to see. If you have a lot of budget, hire a personal tour guide. If not, you may just go on with your trip with your list and a map and ask the locals around. That would save you money and time.


Honestly, I’m a big fan of personal tour guides. I’ve never been disappointed by signing up for one on Tours By Locals. Of course, I make sure to do my research first and make sure that they have solid reviews. Also, if you’re doing something on your own rather than in a group, usually they’re open to customizing your tour. For instance, say there’s a place on their list you’re not all that interested in; you could ask them if they can take you somewhere else you’d like to go or see if they have any alternative suggestions for you.


After visiting Egypt many times I think that a professional tour guide would be the best idea rather than a local. A professional would have done a course and know where to take you as well as all the story behind the places visited.

When you go to a place there would probably be someone at the reception who could point you in the right direction to find a reputable tour guide.


You may find a personal tour guide. Don’t join other tour groups as you might not enjoy it fully. But the very first thing to do is research everything you want to know in that place and have a list of your priority sites. It’s also fun if you go on your own without tour guide, just ask the locals for directions, they can be more helpful, more practical, more savings for you, and it adds up to the thrill of adventure.


I would like to have a tour with a tour guide. Especially, a mythology tour, because you will have someone to explain things to you and will give you trivia regularly. You will also have someone reliable to assist you if you need help with anything.