Must See Places in Italy


What are some of the must sees when you go to Italy? I’m curious to see what everyone thinks is awesome to check out while in Italy!


I’d say everything, but it’s impossible to see everything :slight_smile:

Some Italian cities though are definitely a must see! Off the top of my head, I’d say Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Naples. And then there’s Sicily! And the Amalfi coast. The Islands are amazing places to visit as well, especially in summer.


I agree, it’s important to see the city centres that Italy is so famous for, like the canals of Venice, the Renaissance art of Florence (it’s said to be the centre of the Renaissance) and the beautiful architecture of Rome (the post popular tourist destination in the country)

Having said that, if you’re in for a completely different type of holiday, check out some of the rural Italian villa holidays. You could be getting a real taste for genuine, rural Italian life in the vineyards, or perhaps enjoying a get away in the mountains. There’s plenty of opportunity for this if you’re looking for something other than a city-based holiday.


That’s true! And I think the perfect spot for this would be the Cinque Terre or Sicily. I’m closer to “the 5 lands”, so I literally plan on visiting the area as soon as I can. They have mountains by the sea and vineyards to ‘explore’. It’s like Paradise, a few hundred miles away!


Sicily, Venice and the Colloseum off the top of my head, but The countryside is a must see too!