Mussolini's Legacy


Not trying to make anyone mad or get obscene gestures, but we have to be honest with the past. So as we see in history, these despotic leaders, though hated by many - are possibly loved by others and the legacy isn’t always totally evil. So how do present day Italians deal with the past, World War II, etc…?


I think everyone needs to deal with history like adults.

  • Accept it happened
  • Learn from it
  • Get over it

Too many people these days are offended by history and I don’t understand why.


Yeah, that does seem to be the case in the US with the Confederate Monuments. It’s really just best if it’s ignored, but the loony left is driving this hate, but it’s hate that’s simply driving the loony right.


From what I know, Italians aren’t particularly upset or patriotic about the past events, there doesn’t seem to be too many, if any extremists over there.


You can’t say the same about Greece, though. Look what happened after the 2008 crash.


That seems to be the case in Germany too, minus a few extremists. In fact, from what I’ve heard Germany is incredibly anti-American now (as in the government) and critical beyond human imagination in regards to the Nazi past.


I think Italy has gone beyond what happened in WWII just as Germany has. There are completely different generations of people living in these countries now, and they absolutely nothing to do with those regimes that were around 60 years ago.