Museums in Italy


When I travel, I love to visit museums of any kind, whether it’s an art gallery, historical, nautical, whatever! Does anyone have a favorite museum in Italy or one that you’re excited to visit someday?


My top 5 museums as chosen by 20-year journalist, Carol King, are as follows:

  1. Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
  2. Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, Naples
  3. Museo Egizio, Turin
  4. Museo Ferrari, Maranello
  5. Musei Vaticani, Rome

I have really been researching all the things that I missed the last time I went. I already have a huge list of things to do once I get there. Sorry if I’m being a know-it-all. I’m just so excited!


The Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples has some true treasures, including mosaics and frescoes from Pompeii and Herculaneum, and the original “Beware of the dog” mosaic. (Attenti al cane in Italian)

World famous are the Vatican Museums and Christian and Art museums in Vatican City. The Vatican Museums contain huge collections that were built up by the various popes. Among many, many things worth seeing, there contain the most important renaissance masterpieces in the entire world.
There are about 20,000 items on display in the museums, though there are about 70,000 total.
Prices aren’t too bad either. Full price is 16 euros and entry is free the last Sunday of every month. Might be a bit crowded on those days though.
Entry is also free on September 27, which is world tourist day.
Skip the line tickets go for about $45.

You’ll want to count on at least 4 or 5 hours for this visit. There is much to see!
Don’t miss the Sistine Chapel, it’s the most important, and maybe the most beautiful part of the entire visit. The ceiling is something to remember forever,.

Just keep in mind that the waiting lines to get in are as famous as the museums themselves.


Regarding the Museo Ferrari, there are actually 2 of them:

  • one in Modena at Enzo Ferrari’s house, where the actual house is a display for Ferrari’s engines and there’s a very modern structure besides the house where they have the most famous Ferrari’s on display (including the latest models).
  • the other museum is in Maranello, where the factory is located

They offer various shuttle bus tours. They have very good site where you can plan all in advance:


Sadly the only Museum I was able to experience first hand was the Vatican Museum. It was great though! But to be very frank im the type of person who’d like to explore the city itself rather than the museum. But there were some interesting things to see, and it was great for the photo album!


Such valuable information! Thank you all. I’ll research each one, but Page3’s description of The Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples sounds right up my alley.

Randomer, I’m a history freak and crazy photog so I love to see things I may never again see. I agree about exploring cities. They have their own type of history and stories. They make my photog-sense tingle. That’s why I give myself a lot of time when I make trips overseas!


Thanks for the great list of awesome museums to visit. Ill make sure to check out as many as I can the next time Im in Italy.