Moving to Italy and Working?


Just curious, has anyone done this coming from another country outside of the EU? How did it work out?


I’ve actually looked into this a bit but for me it’s easier as I’m able to apply for Italian citizenship. You’re going to have a hard time getting a visa without being a EU citizen for work.


Marco is right, it’s more difficult to obtain a visa. European Union made things so much easier, all you need is your ID to find work (more or less, you also need skills :smiley: ).

However, there are many citizens outside the EU who live here and work and have built a good life. They need to get their permit renewed every year, and although it’s costly, many prefer to stay here and maybe apply for citizenship later on (to avoid having to renew permits every single time they expire).

So don’t get discouraged :slight_smile:


I just did this for a year! I had it easier as I have Italian roots and was able to get Italian citizenship fairly easily. I can tell you it was one of the best experiences of my life to live and work in Italy!

However, if you are not able to get citizenship from ANY EU country, you’re going to have a heck of a time getting a work visa. Not to be negative but it’s pretty much impossible at this stage of the country’s politics.


Why do you say it’s impossible? I have plenty of friends who aren’t from any EU country and, as long as they keep their jobs and, of course, stay out of trouble, their working visa gets renewed.


If you’re willing to work hard and you really want to move (and of course, work) in an EU country like Italy, then go for it. Just make sure you prepare well and make sure it’s what you really want to do. It’s definitely possible. The higher-paying job you can get, the better (obviously) from a lot of standpoints.


Agreed, I think it totally depends on the industry you are trying to work in. Keep in mind there are also quotas on these that are strictly monitored.


Same, I have a few friends from Canada working there without any issues. It probably comes down to the industry you want to work in!


I agree. I’ve also noticed it.
While it’s true many Italians are reluctant to trusting foreigners, the majority don’t have a problem hiring someone from another country. In fact, if you have the skills and are willing to change your life (because moving is basically changing your whole life!), Italian companies will hire you in a second (okay, maybe it takes a bit longer, with all the documents they need to finish the process).

And if you’re wondering if luck has anything to do with it… yes, it kinda does :smiley: Looking for a job at the wrong time or in the wrong place can definitely make you feel moving to Italy is impossible.


Sorry I didn’t mean to say impossible, just that it can be difficult as james1 said.


This is probably the best way to put it. Like any country, make sure the industry you are trying to get a job in is in high demand and it’ll make things much easier!


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The family of a friend of mine currently resides in Italy. His parents got sent their as local labor workers, but were able to work their way up there. One is now a nanny on off days, and the other is a manager at a bank. They do pretty well for themselves.