Most popular sport?


Sports are very popular all over the world. It brings people together and it gives you great competition and exercise if you play sports yourself.

What do you think is the most popular sport in Italy?


Calcio, obviously, also more popularly known as Football, or Soccer to our North American friends.


You go around Venice and you’ll see hundred of kids playing Football in the street, so that’s definitely up there. I’ve also heard their hockey team is pretty good.


Football/soccer is indeed really popular every where you go. I know that their baseball program is getting better too. They played pretty well at this years World Baseball Classic.


when I read the title the first sport that came into my mind right away was football. It is big up in Italy.

I use to say soccer allot when I was living in Australia and we called it soccer, however it’s real football up here


I am not surprised at all to see that football/soccer is posted here, this was my first thought when I read the title if the thread. Football seems to be really popular no matter where you go and especially with tournaments such as World Cup and even the Euro’s as well in would make sense that it would be the most popular.


I would say football(soccer) like everyone else is saying. Which is funny because football is actually very popular in America, where as soccer is pretty popular, but not as popular as football in America.


I can say that the most popular sport is definitly football, soccer, calcio, whatever you want to call it. You can go wherever you want, the most played and most popular sport will always be soccer. Cannot say football because in America, football has a different meaning, it means rugby which is very different.


Soccer. Definitely soccer. Italians are ready to cancel all plans, no matter how important, just to watch their favorite team play! :smiley:
They have TV channels dedicated to the sport. They have TV shows entirely about soccer. Other sports are important too, like cycling or car & moto racing, but take soccer away from Italians and you kill part of their culture :yum:


Soccer! Soccer and definitely soccer! Italians are enthusiastic football lovers. This love for soccer was evident during Francesco Totti’s farewell match. I couldn’t come to term with whatever made grown ups like that shed tears like baby because their famous player is retiring from football.

  1. Soccer
  2. Volley
  3. Basket


I’m with you on this one :slight_smile:
I think it’s great that Italians (and other countries as well) have a passion for sports and excited about a game or eager to attend the Championship, etc… It’s interesting though, how such strong emotions are born for a sport you just watch.

On the other hand, betting on your favorite team who no longer has your favorite player will probably become tricky :smiley:


Easily soccer but I was impressed with how popular basketball is!


Couldn’t agree more! Basketball fever has definitely hit Italy!


I know football and basketball are so popular in Italy. But what other sports Italians do really get hooked up with? I’ve seen so many popular Italian football and basketball teams but I don’t see or hear any boxers.