Milan Fashion Week


I would love to be able to go to Milan Fashion Week at some point in my life. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t seem like there are many shows there that are offered to the public. Has anyone ever been to one before or know any more information about seeing shows there?


I’ve never been to one (yet), but like you, I would love to go. My main mission would be to get there and take pictures. Even if I had a ton of money to spend on maybe getting some exclusive clothing items, my main focus would be on the pictures I could get. I’m very much into photography, and if I was in Milan during fashion week, I would love to spend a great deal of time and energy just taking hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of haute couture.

The one issue that might make me a little apprehensive about the whole thing is the prospect of seeing too many exotic animal skins and furs used in the couture. Fashion houses produce beautiful clothes, but sometimes all the skins and feathers they use, especially during one of the fashion weeks, can be a bit too much for my taste.


Oh, if I had a ton of money, I think my main focus would be on getting some exclusive items. :grinning: It would be amazing to take some pictures there though. I haven’t even thought about doing that. Are non-professional photographers allowed to take pictures?

They can be a bit too much, but that doesn’t usually stop me from looking at the pictures…so, I don’t think it would stop me from going to a show. You know, if I’m ever lucky enough to get to go to one. Maybe by then they won’t use them as much. Here’s to hoping!


If I had a ton of money when planning a trip like that, the first thing that I would do is make sure that I made my hotel reservations for at least two weeks. I would want to spend a good amount of time there. I’m sure that Milan is an exquisite place, so I wouldn’t want to rush my visit.

I don’t know if non-professional photographers are allowed, but I’m thinking that during Fashion Week there would be enough ‘fodder’ for one to take pictures by just photographing the people that are on the streets on a daily basis, the ones coming to Fashion Week. Also, in my photography, I’m really big on taking pictures of what’s going on outside of the main attraction. For instance if I’m at a wedding, of course I want to take pictures of the bride and groom, but I am also very into taking storytelling pictures of the day. If there’s a band, taking pictures of the guitar player tuning his guitar, or taking pictures of a grandmother combing her grandchild’s hair, or the maid of honor straightening her brother’s tie, or the chefs setting up the food.

If I was in Milan during Fashion Week, I would take pictures of the fashion, to be sure, but I would take pictures of the people carrying the tents, the people setting up the food, the food itself, pictures of the cars that are bringing the fashions to the show… that type of thing. I like the stories behind the story.

As far as the animal skins, and all of the “exotic” feathers used in fashion, I don’t even like to look at photographs of that kind of stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice leather bag, and a great pair of leather boots or pumps as much as the next girl, but seeing stuff like ostrich feather purses, and fox hats, and crocodile purses is a bit much for me.:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


@Penelope Oh yes, reserving your hotel way ahead of time and for a nice chunk of time would definitely be a necessity! There’s so much to see in Milan as is, I can only imagine how much more there is to see when a big event like Fashion Week is going on.

You’re right - there would be more than enough to keep you busy with your camera! I love photographers that focus on storytelling, all those small moments that add up to the big event.

I can totally understand that. That probably makes you a better person than I am. :sweat_smile: It sounds like you could avoid all of that if you wanted, though! I’m sure there are designers out there who are more conscious about that sort of thing. I imagine that it will become more and more taboo as the years go by too.


The 2018,edition of Milan Fashion Week was most memorable. Gucci collection was certainly one of the most disputed fashion shows of the edition, because the maison chose a fleeing romanticism, due to the men not easily distinguishable by the women.
Slim suits, small blazers paired with pants, military cloaks and coats, t-shirt with lace and feminine blouses sleeveless, collared with ribbon and bow in pure bohemian style.


This is one of the brightest events in the world fashion industry that is worth watching. As far as I remember, around 15 thousand guests visit it. Milan Fashion Week is considered to be the most democratic, despite the closeness of the event, all residents of the city can enjoy a magnificent spectacle: in the main squares, giant screens on which live broadcasts of the main shows are installed. Fashion shows are also held on open podiums, arranged on the streets, squares and even in the subway. I also saw this event by broadcast when I was in Milan.


I am sure it is an exciting event if you are into fashion, but I am not much of a fashionista. I think I would stick out like a sore thumb if I was there. I might look at the pics online, that would be about it.