Meaning/Definition of "italophile"


Some definitions I’ve come upon regarding italophile:

friendly to or favoring what is Italian

a person who admires Italian customs, traditions, etc.

Someone who admires Italy, its culture, its language, or its people.

An admirer of Italy or of its people, language, or culture.

It’s estimated that there are nearly 250 million Italophiles in the world.


It basically means you are a huge fan of the country. And yes, there are a lot of people who love Italy. The food, the people, the landscapes and the beautiful cities are main reasons for sure.

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I have to second Chris on the one. An italophile is someone who is really interested in Italian culture and want to learn more about it. Italy is the birthplace of Western civilization and has a vibrant modern culture, I’d expect there to be many italophiles.


Well, it’s right :slight_smile:

Point it into an fact "Someone who admires Italy, its culture, its language, or its people. However there is more history that takes place back inn Roman years.

Be interested how many people and business use the word


I’m so into Italy that I even watch some of the old movies about the Roman Empire and the like. I love to see what the ancient Italians wore and how they warred, unfortunately, these movies are all in English so you don’t get to hear the great Italian language as much as you would hope. Viva Italiano!


I wondered as well what Italophile meant. Now I know and I think it’s cool. A great choice for a name for a message board website.


The name goes very well for those that love Italy and the people can come together and talk about it. I’m in the UK and we get produce from other country’s, Italy is the number one for good food.

If we think about it we have allot of Restaurants running by Italian that offers the very best of pizzas :slight_smile:


An italophile is definitely someone who really likes the culture in general. You can find italophiles all around the world, from Europe to America. You just have to visit the country once to fall in love with it.