Marvels or DC (which one you like more ?)


Me, I prefer DC. I love me some Wonder Woman, Batsie, Supes and favorite superhero of all Flash. I also like their dark vibe more than the rainbow and sunshine you get from Marvel.

Also Logi sucks


For me, DC because we all know DC loves Batman the most. He is one of the most known and most loved characters in the history of media. Batman has lots of DC’s greatest villains. From the Joker to the Riddler and the Penguin, each villain is unique and have character traits that make them really stand out. I’ve been a Batman fan since I was 5 years old.


Honestly, I don’t know, I think I love them both, sometimes, I misplace the characters, I really don’t know who;s belongs to DC and belongs to marvels, but I love them all.


I couldn’t prefer neither of these two awesome groups of super heroes. Every hero in Marvels and in DC has different traits and superpower characteristics as well as beautiful story so I like them all. Even though there are some of them which I think is kind of useless and boring because they don’t possess any power in hand or couldn’t release any magic just like Hawkeye. He’s only good on his weapon which is a bow and arrow, though I like the artist who take part on this role. And for me, Marvels’ heroes’ stories in action have more angst than DC’s and the animations are very amazing.


You know, I’m totally not the right person to ask - I don’t know enough about either to be able to make a decision! My husband on the other hand is a massive fan of both Marvel and DC, and seems to check out every movie as soon as it comes out! I don’t know that he could pick a favorite either but for opposite reasons to me!


I like Marvel more. I think it’s because I’ve watched more films and cartoons that are made and based on Marvel Comics. Most of the new films that are being released are also from Marvel. DC cannot make good films. The last one that is decent is Wonder Woman.


I love Marvel because of its story line. They also produce the good if not the best movies of its kinds. I can’t seem to find any interest in watching DC movies.


Where do Spidey fit in? Marvel? So im a Marvel lover. :smile:


Well, it is an uneasy choice. They both are undoubtedly successful. At the same time, I came to the conclusion that Marvel movies are better than DC. They are full of action, their graphics are cool, and humor is fun. Marvel movies are in tops and have a larger fan base than DC.


I want to say both but if I really have to pick one then I’ll go with Marvel. I liked the Avengers movies and I also like XMen. Thor is also a good character and I loved watching Guardians of the Galaxy.


Hey we have a lot in common dude. I like X men especially the one that released on 90’s. And watching Guardian of the Galaxy too.


Woah. Nice to meet you too, dude :smile: . I haven’t actually watched the 1990’s XMen. The ones I saw were from the 2000 and on-wards and my favorite ones are from the 2010 on-wards. I guess I’ll have to watch the 1990 ones for me to validate myself as a fan of X-Men. Have you watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Which do you think is better the first one or the second one? I actually refer the first movie.


I like Marvels better. They have films that span over many years. And the recent “Infinity War” movie tied a lot together. It’s more appealing to me overall. :smiley:


I think I prefer Marvel more. Yes, they’re all sunshine and rainbows, and their movie formats are pretty formulaic, but I think they do a great job of bringing their universe to life on the big screen. I really enjoy the Guardians of the Galaxy and how the characters vibe together.


Well lately, I have been watching alot of Marvel Comics movies. They are all pretty good and well done. I am not sure which franchise in my favorite, but I will say that the Marvel Comics have a lot going for them. They are superb movies.