Martial Arts in Italy


My family loves training in martial arts. Half of our family have earned their blackbelts in a style called Tang Soo Do (Way of the China Hand). It is a Korean style and one I had never heard of until we started training. I am interested in knowing if anyone has any knowledge of whether or not martial arts is big in Italy. I would love to take the family there some day and this would be one activity we would like to check out. I hope they have some tournaments there that we might be able to check out. That is our social avenue for meeting new people and experiencing new places.


They are quite popular actually. I think we even have Olympic champions among our Martial Arts’ athletes (in Judo and Taekwondo to be specific). I’ve seen several clubs around, focused on Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Aikido, Kendo and other Korean Martial Arts which names I don’t remember.


Yep, they really are. I was surprised when I first came here, to see how much they promote the martial arts, it was a very pleasant surprise! And the best part is, they’re not even crazy expensive! Most of my friends who have children and would like to enroll them in dance classes or rollerskating, complain about the prices. But martial arts are not only well promoted, but affordable as well. Which I think is great, since I’m a big fan :smiley:


You should check out Marvin Vettori “The Italian Dream” from Trento Italy. Really exciting UFC fighter and outstanding in Mixed Martial Arts. His last was in June. Does anyone know when he is fighting next? Who is your favorite Italian UFC fighter?


thegeekzweb, if you guys are interested in brazilian jiu-jitsu I know a great place for training in Genova. It’s at Gracie Barra gym, the professor there is and old collegue of mine who trained with me in brazil in the first bjj acadamy here in Rio de Janeiro. He is very good! I really recommend if you can get there.


Genoa is quite far away from where I live :frowning:
But the good thing is Martial Arts gyms aren’t rare gems :slight_smile: I was actually thinking about joining a class! I’m not new to M.A. and i kinda miss it! But was reluctant to join when I first came here because of the language barrier and also, I kept moving from place to place.


When we visited a couple months ago it was definitely a big deal for the locals. A lot of my cousins practice Judo.


Definitely a big sport in Italy… many people assume soccer rules Italy but it’s fasinating how much they are involved in other sports. MMA is no different.


I’d expect sports like Judo, Taekwondo, and Karate to be popular, as they are overall very popular martial arts in the West, including Europe. I’m interested to see if Italy can produce any top notch MMA fighters though. I don’t know of any notable ones in the UFC, Bellator, etc. but I might have missed one.