Making Italian Dishes At Home


I’ll admit that I’m not the most proficient cook, but there are a lot of things that I’ve seen in regards to getting some delicious Italian cooking that you can make at home. Do any of you have some favorite recipes that you like to whip up to get a taste of Italy, and can you share them here? I’d like to try and make some of them myself too!


Once in a while, I make an Italian sausage soup. I cook the sweet turkey Italian sausages until brown, then add beef broth and diced tomatoes. Sometimes I add pasta for the carbohydrates. Last is spinach, stir until wilted. Sprinkle some cheese and basil. Not too complicated but brings in a fun variation to my daily menu. Other than that, you can hardly go wrong with carbonara or bolognese spaghetti.


Beatless, thanks for sharing that recipe. I’ll try it sometime. I’ve tried to make cannolis in the past, but I can never get them to turn out right. I usually end up with a soggy mess.


@WTB, I can’t figure out how to get cannolis just right either. It drives me batty.

Almost all of my favorite Italian dishes are from Giada’s cookbooks. Her Chicken Milanese with Tomato and Fennel Sauce dish is absolutely amazing!


@WTB and @dietrologia I hate that your cannoli adventures didn’t work out, but I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. All the cooking magazines make the dish seem so simple. I thought it was just me with soggy shells and chunky filling. You look on Pinterest and all the dishes look delicious and gorgeous.

Did you make your own shells? I wonder if it would turn out better with ready made shells or a store bought mix.


I have been to Italy many times, and I can honestly say that I was never disappointed by any dishes served to me. I absolutely adore Italian cuisine, because of the fact that there is such variety to choose from, and it is so effortless yet so satisfying; countless mouthwatering pasta dishes, pizzas, soups, ravioli, meat dishes, and lets not forget the desserts (I would eat a tiramisu for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could). The fantastic thing about Italian dishes is the fact that they are so easy to make, even for cooking novices, such as myself. A delicious pasta dish with some garlic and oil (aglio olio) can be ready in just 15 minutes, as long as you are not making the pasta yourself. From personal experience, I do believe that that’s the case with most Italian dishes, easy to follow recipes and quick cooking time, which makes them perfect meals for a busy weekday evening. When you have more time on your hands, it is so much fun to make some pizza dough and experiment with toppings, and there is just something so satisfying about eating a pizza that you made from scratch. Overall, the possibilities in Italian cuisine are endless, and if I HAD to choose one type of cuisine that I was allowed to eat from for the rest of my life, Italian dishes would me my first choice.


Italian dishes are so good. They’re not just loved by their own citizens but around the world us well. I love their dishes though I am not Italian and don’t reside there, but their pastas and sauceee and the pizzas, ugggh,things to die for! If you have an Italian heart, well it would be good for you to search and try on some recipes! As long as, you put an effort and your heart in every dish, I don’t doubt the outcome will be delizioso!


My Italian grandfather says that most non-Italians over-complicate Italian food. He makes a wonderful pasta dish using any type of pasta (which he makes fresh) and adding just a high-quality olive oil and freshly ground black pepper. It really is that simple and is delicious.


Italian dishes was one of my favorite because of its very unique taste and very delicious in nature. I really like the pasta which is I think an Italian influence food for us. I really like it to be served during important occasions or celebration. Its is one of my favorite food that I want to have together with my family and friends.because it builds closeness and family ties at the same time.