Making Cannolo for the First Time


I tried making cannolo (cannoli - is this the plural?) at the weekend to try something different for Easter. I failed. They tasted OK but the shape was a disgrace.

If you’ve never seen or eaten them a cannolo is made of crispy fried dough, formed into a tube and stuffed with ricotta into which is mixed lemon juice and grated chocolate. (There may be variations in the filling).

I didn’t have “cannoli tubes” which are vital to getting the shape right. We plan to buy a set, they aren’t expensive.

It’s also possible to buy pre-baked cannoli shells and simply add the filling. Which is a plus because rolling and kneading the dough for cannoli is hard work.

Have you ever made cannoli? Did you have more success than me?


No, I’ve never made it, but I have eaten it and it’s delicious. I think it’s a Sicilian desert. And you are right “cannoli” is the plural of “cannolo”.


Kudos to you for trying to make cannoli! I’ve never tried to make it myself because I’m sure it would end up being a complete and utter disaster. I’m no whiz in the kitchen. It would be a great skill to learn though because we don’t have any Italian restaurants with good cannoli nearby.


Well, as I said, my effort was a disaster. But it was fun and it tasted fine, it just looked like … well, I won’t say what it looked like. I’m definitely going to get some cannoli tubes. I’ll let you know if they work for me!


Well, five weeks’ later and I made cannolo! I bought some of those cannoli tubes that you mentioned and with them it was very easy. I made 48 with varied fillings for an Italian themed picnic for 12 people. We each had to take a part of the meal. I drew desserts - and was inspired by this post. They were a success!


I’ve never tried to make them myself either, even though they are one of my favorite sweets to eat - I guess I’ve always thought they were too complicated so I never really gave them a try. In saying that I do think if you get the cannoli tubes to make sure the shape is okay it eliminates some of the stress!


I have never tried to make them, but I do love them. They honestly don’t think they would be too hard to do with the pre made shells. All you have to do is make the cream or buy it and stuff them. One of the grocery stores I like to go to has them…and they are perfect!