Italy and Opera


Let me start by saying that I’m a huge lover of opera, and when you think of opera, you have got to think about Italy. It is the birth country of opera (around the year 1600) and to this day, many opera singers find their home and work in Italy.

It’s hard to believe that Pavarotti passed away 10 years ago already, it doesn’t seem that long ago, somehow. It was on my bucket list to attend a performance by him, and one of the things I’ll never get to do since he is no more.

Another performer I truly love is Andrea Bocelli. I absolutely love him. He signs more than just opera, but I especially love to hear him sing opera. He has such a warmth in his voice.

As far as Italian operas are concerned, La Traviata, Il Trovatore, and Rigoletto are among my favourites but my absolute favourite is Norma, especially when Renata Scotto performed in it. Her voice is out of this world.

I have no idea where I got my love for opera from, certainly not from my parents, they couldn’t make themselves listen to it. There is an incredible beauty in opera, something that can move me to tears.

If ever you go to Italy, do attend an opera if you can. It’s well worth it.


I’ve been to an Andrea Bocelli concert this summer and it was THE best concert I have ever been to. It surpassed my already high set expectations. It was the 1st time I’ve seen him live and I was blown away by the experience.

When attending any of his concerts, you can expect other notable guests to accompany him. The concert I’m talking about, he had Alessandro Safina singing O Sole Mio with him in duet. Plus many other world-famous musicians.

If such an opportunity arises it’s not to be missed.


Oh you’re so lucky to have witnessed that live! If he came to my area, I’d go for sure, but I’m so far out in the boonies, nobody famous ever comes here. Was it the concert in the Cluj Arena? Their voices were meant to mix, they’re perfect together.
I also like Andrea Bocelli with Celine Dion, and to a lesser degree, with Sarah Brightman. Not sure why I’m saying to a lesser degree, because I’m a huge fan of her also. Plus, their “Time to say goodbye” broke all time sales records.

Andrea Bocelli is admired by many, including myself, not just for his incredible singing ability, but also for his perseverance and for being an example of what a human being can accomplish, even with a very serious physical limitation. It’s impossible to imagine, being blind and having to travel the world, stay in hotel rooms where you’ve never been before and where you don’t know your way around. Add to that the stress that a singing career brings, the stress of performing, the stress of “being famous”. He is an incredible man all around.

And oh yes, if I ever have a chance to see him perform live, I certainly won’t miss it.


I wished I could have been there! I have never attended an opera because I couldn’t get anyone to go with me. I appreciate your recommendations of good operas to see and I plan to go when I get back to Itay. I agree that I can’t believe it has been 10 years since Pavarotti died. He was one of my favorite opera singers but I understand that the new talent is just as riveting.


I have never been into the Opera but my fiance really wants to go to one when we are in Italy. I am really not familiar with any of the names or the big leads for these shows. What is an opera that is held in the Spring that would be good to go to? I would like to see what options I have.


I’m not familiar with the schedules, but I have some experience with attending operas, especially in the past. Nowadays I live too far out to find a decent opera, unless I go to the city.

I always buy tickets in advance, though I’ve heard that some people will wait until the last minute. This is not a good idea, because you might have to buy tickets from a less than reputable seller at super high prices.

Also, a question people ask me frequently is… what should I wear? Unlike a few decades ago, people don’t really dress up heavily anymore, but I’d still suggest to wear decent clothing. I’d never go to the opera, wearing jeans, or worn sneakers.

You can listen to operas on youtube or whatnot, but nothing beats going to an opera house and attending a live performance.

Make sure to use the restroom before the performance starts, because the less disturbance during a performance, the better. Some avid opera fans really don’t like any disturbance at all.

You’ll get a playbill on which you can see some information about the conductor as well as the singers. Those playbills are also nice souvenirs to take home.



Andrea Bocelli has a few concerts recorded on DVD’s:

I’ll leave below the Vivere Live in Tuscany (2007) concert on YouTube:
Some words about Teatro del Silenzio where the concert is held:

The Teatro del Silenzio (or Theatre of Silence) is an Italian open air amphitheatre which is located in Lajatico, Tuscany — the hometown of Andrea Bocelli. In 2006, Bocelli influenced the municipality of his hometown Lajatico to build the outdoor theatre, and contributed greatly towards its construction.

The theatre hosts a concert by Bocelli, its honorary president, once every July, while remaining silent the rest of the year.


I think one of the places opera was invented first, was Italy. Opera is a huge part of Italian culture and if you like opera, there are only a few places on the planet were you will get a better experience then in Italy.