Italian Restaurants Outside of Italy


Do you think that Italian restaurants outside of Italy (for example - Canada, USA etc.) are authentic?

I have worked in a few Italian restaurants before (in Canada). I think that these restaurants are not 100% authentic. Some of the online reviews also agree with my viewpoint.


Depends on your definition of ‘authentic’. In my opinion all types of foreign restaurants, be it italian, french, asian .etc, have to adapt, one way or another, to the market where they are located.


I don’t think they’re “authentic” either, but it would be impossible anyway. The products you buy and consume in Italy are different than the ones you find in other countries. They have the same name, same label, but they’re clearly not the same taste.
So, like Dan said, chefs need to adapt to the market where they are located,


I agree with Dan- so many ethnic restaurants have to adapt to the local market in order to be able to make money and stay afloat.


I am not even sure the Italian restaurants in Italy are all that authentic. I have a feeling that some are modelled to look like the thing we have learned to consider as authentic…


I think I agree that outside Italian restaurants are not 100% authenthic and I believe the adaptation isn’t a 100% the same as its original because the environment is not in Italy and the people aren’t Italians so the appreciation for the foods isn’t the same. It depends on the customers. And I believe those people who owned outside Italian restaurants are just trying to introduce the Italian cuisine and have people experience the Italian food culture even they are in other countries, though the taste may not be the perfectly the same as in Italy.