Italian Ladies characteristics


Can someone basically describe to me an Italian lady? Is courting still a practice in Italy?


important question here :slight_smile:
I read something similar in an Icelandic paper, perhaps it applies to Italians too… it went something along the lines of that their women are not a different species and want to be treated with respect, not bombarded with shots :smiley:


Well as far as i know they are all smarts and beautiful, Long legged and gorgeous people in the world.


First thing, I don’t really have a personal Italian friend but what I see to Italian ladies is that they are very gorgeous, sophisticated, well-educated, tall, and nice. I think you should know first their culture for you to be able to know them better.


Beautiful and pretty women. Very sophisticatedly attractive. Close to Greek,Middle Eastern facial features. Value traditional family values.


I’m going to have to go with @Jerry on this one. Italian women aren’t a different species. They want to be treated with respect just like any other woman! I think they tend to be (or at least appear to be) very sophisticated and cultured.


Italian lady here. I just want to point out that it is not possible to describe our features as “Middle Eastern” or Greek or Mediterranean since those just represent the most common “images” that we “export” through movies, tv etc. Truth is (and of course this is valid for men as well )that throughout history the Italian peninsula has been invaded by all kind of populations (Arabs, Celts, Normans, and other Barbarian populations) and as a result we are quite various in terms of appearance. Up in the North we are more likely to be light-haired and to have a fair complexion, but you actually find blonde or ginger people with blue eyes even in Sicily and generally in the South because of the Norman domination. While abroad I’ve been told many times that I “don’t look Italian”, but it’s just that people recognize only the stereotypical image of Italians. Of course there are Italians who are dark-skinned and dark-eyed, but we are not all like that. There’s much variety in our features.

Corcerning romance, yes, “courting” is still a thing. Italian women are, as a matter of fact, more difficult to win over, since Italian men tend to be alpha-males and we are always suspicious of their intentions. As a result, Italian men tend to court more than men of other nationalities to show they are truly interested. And they also enjoy this kind of “play”, of course.


@fkasara, it’s unfortunate that we always try to stereotype the appearance of an entire nation. I’m sure it has to get annoying when people tell you that you don’t “look Italian.” My friend is from Mexico and people constantly tell her that she doesn’t look “Mexican enough to be from Mexico.” She gets super annoyed by that. However, I’ll have to admit that I didn’t know it was common to find gingers and blondes up North. It makes sense though.

I’m intrigued by the fact that “courting” is still a big deal there. What would a regular “courtship” entail?


Well, as far as I have noticed, all Italian ladies have several distinctive points. First of all, no matter how old they are, they always try to lose weight and keep a diet. I do not know why even slender women believe that they have extra weight, and their husbands or partners say them not to eat much.At the same time, I agree that Italians eat really much.
Italian middle-aged ladies have impeccable manners and always smile. Girls are rather noisy but cute. Elderly women walk and talk slowly, they like modern but comfortable clothes. Most of the females wear tight clothes.


I’m with @Jerry and @HustleAndFlorence on this one - Italian ladies are not a different species. In fact, “ladies” are not a different species. I really enjoyed reading @fkasara 's reply because I didn’t realize just how wide-ranging has been the influence on Italian genetics (and that includes the male of the “species”!)


I’ve have been a fan of Italian ladies because they are so pretty and tall. They have the attitude that no other race have. I want to know more about Italian girls so shoutout to Italian girls here! :slight_smile:


@Griffin At first it doesn’t annoy me when they say stuff like that, as I’m aware of why many foreign people have such a stereotypical image in their mind (movies and the fact they don’t know our history). It’s annoying when, once you have explained to them why the stereotypes don’t always work, they don’t change their pov and they continue asserting their point. It seems like certain people don’t want to discover “the real thing”, they just want their stereotypical opinion proven. Sadly, it’s something that often happens, even with their view and opinion about our cities.

Concerning the “courtship”, there’s nothing really peculiar about it. I think that, unlike other countries, we still enjoy “the chase” if you know what I mean. Men do not expect a woman to capitulate immediately. It depends on the people obviously, but if you go out for a drink, men often pay for the women and also flower gifts are still a thing. We also pay attention to dress well if we go out for a date (both women AND men).


@fkasara That makes sense. It is pretty obvious why people tend to imagine a certain stereotype. You would think people would like knowing that things are more complex, but I guess people always like to imagine that things (and people) are like they are in the movies. That’s sad that it happens so often. Now I wonder if I live up to the American stereotype or not.

I know what you mean. Usually guys still pay for drinks here too, or at least that’s how I’ve always done it. Flowers aren’t usually so much of a thing unless the guy has screwed up somehow or it’s a special day (like an anniversary or something). It’s nice that the guys have to work for it some more there, and actually enjoy doing so.

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