Italian Food from Italy vs from Your Home Nation


This question is a no-brainer. Of course, food from the source is better - or is it? What is the pizza like? The pasta? How is it different than back home? Is the idea exaggerated?


I really can’t say haven’t been to Italy yet but I have had authentic Italian in the states from people who have come over with traditional cooking and recipes and it is way better than the what they serve at Olive Garden!


Having not been to Italy yet I am unable to compare myself however I have friends who have been to Italy who have said pizza and pasta from Italy compared to here, there is a huge difference. They say the flavours for a start are much more when it comes to eating in Italy. I guess it really depends on where you eat as to whether it’s better or not so great compared to Italy.


Italy has the best hands down! They cook their meals with fresher ingredients (usually from their gardens) and make their own pasta. If you have ever tasted home-made pasta, you will never go back to the dried stuff. Just one person’s opinion!


I don’t know the answer yet, but I suspect that there is no comparison between genuine Italian food from Italy and NYC Italian food. I read that Italians usually get their ingredients fresh and not preserved like Americans do.


Well, if that’s the thing, then that leaves open a niche in the US and other nations where Italian food is made totally fresh.


I’ve traveled in few countries in Europe and each time I taste something “Italian”, I must admit it never tastes the same as genuine Italian food!

First of all, ingredients are different. In Italy, chefs and everyone else serving food have direct access to the products. Outside the country, you have to do your best… So either ingredients are replaced (which of course, makes the food taste different), or they are simply, not the same!

Even refreshments aren’t the same! Fizzy drinks taste one way in Italy, but totally different in other countries. And this has been confirmed by every member of my family who came to visit :smiley: Food made to be exported doesn’t taste the same…


My family is Italian so we eat a lot of Italian food at home (Canada) but the biggest difference was between what I thought was Italian food and what I now classify as Canadian Italian food. Italian is always better lol.


I think it comes down to what you’re in the mood for… for example, there are certain types of Italian pasta dishes that I just die for, but there are also nights where some mac’n cheese will do just fine!


I’ve heard of American - Italian food, but never Canadian - Italian food :smiley: What type of foods are you talking about? Mac and cheese or Fettuccine Alfredo are definitely not genuine Italian dishes! What about Canada? (now you made me curious!)