Italian cuisine is among the best in the world


Most people will think about pizza and spaghetti when Italian food comes to mind, but Italian cuisine is far more than that. Italian food is known to be among the best in the world.

Generally Italian chefs prefer quality of ingredients over quantity. Many Italian dishes have only between 4 and 8 ingredients. They don’t care for complexity much, but go for the quality of the separate ingredients.

The tomato is a very typical ingredient in Italian dishes, though did you know that it was only introduced in the 18th century?

Pasta is also something that is used widely in Italy, and it comes in a very wide variety of shapes from tortellini to ravioli, penne, linguine and more. You haven’t eaten Italian if you’ve not eaten pasta.

More typical foods are all kinds of fish and cheese, and of course garlic, eggplant, olives, peppers, artichokes, and zucchini.

All in all, if you’re a lover of food and you’re looking for a great meal, making it Italian can’t go wrong, ever.

Several regions have their own habits, and are influenced by neighbouring countries, so food dishes may very a lot from region to region, but one thing is for sure, an Italian meal just is not a meal without the wine!


I have not been to Italy yet. It is one of the places I will visit before long. My question is this: Which Italian restaurant in the USA prepares food most like that in Italy? I love Italian food but am not sure I’m getting it right.


So true. Mediterranean diet, while extremely delicious, it’s also extremely healthy; no wonder that Italy has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world (84.8 - Female, 80.5 - Male):

@Maria I’m not aware of large restaurant chains specializing on Italian food. Search for a restaurant where the owners/chefs are, if not Italian, of Italian origin. Food, for Italians, is a sacred thing. It’s at the root of everything.


@Maria: I don’t know what area you’re from, so my suggestion might be useless :slight_smile: I am in Upstate New York, about 42 miles from a city called Rome (hehe, true story, we have some Italians around the area).
In Rome, there is this Italian restaurant, it’s called the Franklin Hotel. The restaurant is run by Italian people as far as we know. They make a lot from scratch, they make their own pasta, etc…

Especially their deserts and their cookies are to die for. When we go there, we usually order a bunch of cookies to take home.

One time we were there, and on our way out the door, we ordered some cookies. The owner noticed I had an accent and asked me where I’m from. (I am originally from Belgium). She seemed quite pleased to talk to a European, and only charged $5 for a big box of cookies. I’m telling you if you’ve eaten their desserts once, you’ll go back.

They don’t have a lot of fish on the menu which you would expect on an Italian menu, but here we have to keep in mind that we’re far, far away from any place near the sea.


Thank you!! I am on the east coast so a trip to NY is not out of the question. I did visit NYC some years ago and ended up in a hole in the wall pizza place in Manhattan. The pizza I ate remains the best I have ever put in mouth even to this day. I’ve been trying to find a place that made something similar ever since but have not succeeded. I will look for a nice local Italian restaurant in my area. Again, thank you for the advice.


Sounds like a great idea! I bet the native cuisine is so much better than the stuff we get here it’s ridiculous. I heard that they eat all their pasta al dente. I would love to try their fish dishes.


You are right, it’s practically sinful to not cook your pasta al dente in Italy.

I hear you about “the stuff we get here”. Being a European living in the US, even if I use the exact same ingredients and the exact same amounts, the dishes just don’t taste like home, ever.

I’d love to try the fish too. The only good fish is served in any place near where it’s caught. If you live in an area where you’re not near bodies of water where they catch fish and serve it without it being frozen and shipped, then you just can’t get any good fish.
Italy is of course the perfect place to get fresh fish and the Italians love it.

Typically, fish is cooked whole in Italy (after being gutted of course) because a lot of the taste comes from the skin and the bones and also the head.
They also often cook the fish in parchment (spelling?) or some will substitute it for aluminum foil. This practice is not just common for Italians, but also for other Europeans. I remember my grandmother using aluminum foil to cook fish in. She’d add some herbs and carrots and put it all together in the foil, then in the oven.


The one thing I love about italian food is nothing is bland. Everything has seasoning, everything has such strong flavor. EVery bite you take has a combustion of flavors that just pour into your mouth. I can agree I didn’t like ALL of it, but for the most of it, Italian cuisine was an absolute delight!


Italian food is part of the Mediterranean Diet, and it is also the healthiest in the world, low in fat but full of vitamins and minerals. They use a lot of olive oil as well, which is really healthy in it`s own regard.


I am big fan of Italian food and fresh cooked food. I can’t wait to try authentic Italian pizza that have organic ingredients procured from a hand-grown garden. While Italian cuisine is not just pizza, pizza has always been my favorite so I am psyched to try it in its birthplace.


I totally agree that Italian cuisine is the best in the world. The food is just absolutely amazing! I hear that the size portions of food in Italy are quite small compared to size portions that we get in North America.


I can not fault that at all. I myself have not been to Italy yet so have not actually eaten proper Italian food as they would put it however, I have eaten Italian home made food and if the food in Italy is better than what I make at home then I can say I will be more than happy. I already love Italian food not straight from Italy!


Agreed. Italian cuisine is very much infused with flavors instead of being plain like most food, or just topped off with cheese. There’s a real mixture of ingredients.


I agree 100% that Italian cuisine is among the best in the world.
I also found this: “Italian cuisine is one of the most popular types of food in the world” which is also true in my opinion.


I agree that Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world. I haven’t tasted much of their foods, but I have tried their pasta and I have to say it was delicious.


Yes, Italian cuisine is among the best in the world. Of course, tourists visit to see the open air museum, natural wonders and centuries of history this beautiful country has to offer but the food…oh the food… Italian food has something very particular about it – it varies from region to region, even from town to town. There are so many specialties typical of Italy, that it is almost impossible to list them all.


I also remember the unique mixture of flavors in Italian restaurants. The quality of their ingredients is superb, everything is fresh and well-cooked. All the dished looked very attractive and delicious. They are very nutritious. The Italians value the atmosphere while having a meal. They prefer only fresh, just-cooked food. In the afternoon, they have a fixed time to have lunch.


Yes, I agree. Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world. I often watch some Italian cuisine cooking videos on YouTube and I enjoy it a lot. My family and I also visit some Italian restaurants sometimes here in my own country and I find it really good in taste especially their pasta dishes. I really love it.


I really believe that most of the greatest cuisine that was ever made came from Italy just like the pasta and the pizza which are one of my favorite foods that I eat during especial occasions or important celebrations. They are very delicious and convenient to have, they can be easily be prepared anytime and anywhere.


I would agree that there are many delicious dishes that have come out of Italy. It is just one of the things that the country stands for. It is just another reason to visit this amazing country!