Italian Ceramics


Each time I go to Italy I invest in something traditional. I started with glass, mainly. I’ve now started buying ceramics after visiting Umbria this winter. The traditional ceramic design of the region is called “Maiolica”. I love the colors and they are a lovely contrast dotted amongst my collection of blown glassware.

What do you collect when you visit Italy?


Each time you go to Italy?? I’ve yet to go there even once. I would love to go one day though. It just seems like it would be so beautiful. The wine, the food, the art, the language. I’m pretty close to obsessed at this point.

Since I have yet to visit Italy, I have not collected anything from there, but I do collect Italian language books, and I love Italian art. I had no clue what type of ceramics you are talking about here, so I looked them up online. The designs are really nice. I especially like the tile, but the bowls, the vases… all the designs look good.


That “each time” does sound rather pretentious. I didn’t mean it to … I’m by no means a rich or very frequent traveler. I go to Italy a lot because it’s easy to get to from where I’m based and it’s inexpensive AND I’m more than just a little obsessed with its history, especially the ancient history.

I hope you get to visit soon.


@Chantal My mother loves collecting ceramic pieces when she goes to Italy. She has a massive collection of yellow and blue ceramics. They’re gorgeous. I got clothes the last time I was there and plan to get more when I visit. I got a nice leather jacket last time…maybe I’ll get another one again!


I want to start collecting something typically Italian, with some sort of longer-term investment value. I have a large collection of keyrings all bought there when I was younger. And a small collection of glass from Murano and Burano. I like the idea of ceramics and will check them out . Thank you.