Italian Boxers Sporting!


Italy has produced some famous boxers, two of them became the subject of classic films. Rocky Marciano was the inspiration for Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Rocky’ and Jake LaMotta was the inspiration for Robert De Niro’s ‘Raging bull’.

Marciano has been ranked by boxing experts as on of the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time, he was killed in a plane crash in 1969 on the eve of his 46th birthday. Jake LaMotta Was formerly the world middleweight champion of the world, he has been married seven times and is now 93 years old.

As we are now getting into movies! what are other known Boxers out there that any of you guys know about? and what do you know about them?


Raging Bull is one movie I have always wanted to see but never watched, I am glad I clicked on this thread. I am not bu into boxing but I love a good fighting movie.

As for real boxers, I can’t name any as sad as that is. I know my father would be disappointed in me. I was never big on any sports to be fair.


The Rocky series was really good. I grew up watching all of them. And after that I kept rewatching them all over. Even the new Creed movie is really good, in my opinion.