Italian Attitude!


May I know who had been there in any place in Italy, or at any chance still in Italy as of the moment , Can you share some of your experience regarding their attitude towards tourist? Are they accomodating, welcoming, are they kind? something like that or is there any chance that some tourist guide had lend their hands and do extra mile of action just for the tourist?

Want to hear anything like that


Hey! When I visited Italy, the locals were very kind! They were incredibly accommodating and often went above and beyond to help us out with whatever we needed. I wouldn’t go with the assumption that they will all go the extra mile or anything, just don’t be scared to ask them for help if you need it.


It’s a great question and I think the honest answer is that, like anywhere, there are people who are welcoming and polite to tourists and others who are not. It has nothing to do with nationality - but with individual personalities. Then there are those who treat tourists like cash cows.


Nice! It’s great to know that Italians are friendly and are approachable. That is very helpful to me because I am quite the introvert. I hope when I visit Italy and ask for help, I also meet kind ones. :slight_smile:


I’ve always found the Italians to be very warm and welcoming. Their attitude towards tourists varies just as tourist attitudes towards their host country varies. But, on the whole, you’ll find Italians will go out of their way to ensure you find what you need and have a good time.


It’s good to know that Italians have that kind of attitude. It really feels comfortable when you find out that the people in your surroundings are hospitable and accommodating. It’s my dream of spending a vacation in Italy. Hope it would materialize one day.


I definitely agree with you. I actually find it funny when people kind of judge other’s personality and attitude based on their nationality. For me, I believe that there’s no such thing as uniform attitude and personality on a specific country. If you do this, you are actually stereotyping people and it’s not a good thing to do that. For me, what attitudes and personalities that exist in the US can also exist in Asia and Europe. It’s just that we have different cultures and traditions, but with personalities and attitudes, i don’t think so especially that we are all somewhat cousins because we all are humans.


I assume they are like people everywhere. Some are friendly and some are not. It may also depend on whether they are having a good day or not. Humans being humans are subject to different influences on their behavior.