Is Vatican City part of Italy or no?


I am not entirely sure if it is its own country or not. I know some people say it is but others say it is just as much a part of Italy as the major cities. I am a bit confused on it so if someone could explain to me what it actual is, and if it is part of Italy, that would be great! :smiley:


Yes Vatican city is in Italy but it is also considered it’s own country from what Google says.


The physical space of Vatican City is completely inside Italy. However, both Vatican City and Italy are sovereign and independent nation-states. Nevertheless, tourists can enter Vatican City from Italy without any kind of authorization. It’s an open border.


Ah thank you! That was going to be my next question. I always wondered how they could do this. I wonder if they would ever do this in the US given the large size of it. Would be interesting!


Vatican is part of Holy See. And Holy See is a country itself. The head of the State is the Pope. This is what I learned in my Public International Law subject. Correct me if I am wrong.


The model under which the Vatican operates is similar to that of an International Organisation such as the United Nations which benefits from priviledges which ressemble sovereignty such as extraterritoriality and immunity of jurisdiction.

A State requires a population on a territory with a recognized governance structure and international recognition.

Vatican lacks a population as nobody is ever born with the Vatican nationality and only the pope dies with it. All of them have another nationality. The population is too small to be relevant at any time and almost all male which prohibits its self perpetuation among other obstacles. Vatican nationality is only temporarily acquired for the accomplishment of a mission. Similar to a UN officer. This point is crucial: a State must have a population.


I always heard of it as being its own country although a small one. It is just really known as where the pope resides.


According to my research, Vatican City is an independent state located within the city of Rome and so i guess it’s still part of Italy. Although it’s also considered as a country because of its independence. However, formally it is not sovereign and it’s sovereignty is being held by the Holy See.


Vatican City is what’s considered a city-state, I believe. It’s an independent state which happens to be located within the city of Rome, however it is completely autonomous. This means that while it is located in Italy, it does not answer to the Italian government, but rather the Pope himself. As a fun side fact, Vatican City is the smallest state in the world by both population and area.

I think the whole concept behind Vatican City is very cool and mysterious. I heard there are a lot of secrets held within the city, and I’ve always been curious to know what knowledge it holds secret deep within its vaults.


The Vatican is located in Italy, in the western part of Rome. It is surrounded by a medieval defensive wall. In my opinion, it is the most ambiguous place on the planet that raises controversy, rumors, theories, and legends.
It is the smallest state in the world which has its sovereignty. There is no permanent population there.


I think it’s part of Italy, but different country. The vatican city is independent state and has its own government I think. I don’t know how big the vatican, but because they are rich and can support their people they have the rights to become independent.


What I also know is Vatican city is a part of Italy but they state that Vatican city is also an independent city state which means they are having a different kind of government or they call it statal organization. Vatican city is considered as small city and govern by Pope for sure.