Is golf popular in Italy?


I picked up on golf with my step father a few years ago and really enjoy it. Is this something I can do while staying in Italy? I am not really sure if this is a sport/game they play there or not. I am not much for sports in general but I have grown to really enjoy playing golf. Would be nice to swing on the green abroad.


There are probably communities of Italians who play golf, but honestly I’ve never heard any of my Italian friends mention golf. Like I said though, there are of course people who play it so I’m sure you’ll find somewhere when abroad.


You can certainly do it in, but mostly in the high-end, luxury resorts/hotels that cater for American visitors as they are the most avid players.


Oh okay, thanks guys. I just was not sure because I never really heard much on it. I will be staying in a house so it would likely cost me far to much to play at a resort. :frowning:


Hello, im Italian. I like play golf and near where i live, i have an important golf’s club: . So in Italy, the golf is not famous as soccer, but there are 300 club in all country.