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Hi everyone,

I am lady leony fajardo newbie here. And i love italy most likely with their food and known places all over the world. I join here to learn more about their culture and some interesting things that they still have. thanks


Hi! I’m newbie here. I want to learn more about Italy, customs, culture and values. My daughter is the Chef in an Italian cafe-restaurant. I find her Italuan cooking and food preparations very interesting. In our homeschool, we have included Italy inour History and Geography studies. Thank you for this opportunity to be part of Italophile forum community.


Hi I’m Nards and an admirer of Italy, its people, food especially and its places. I am so happy that there is such a forum like this. How I wish I could come and be in Italy. I hoping that through this forum I will be able to learn more about Italy and also share the best way I can.


Hello Guys! I’m Jake and i’m from the Philippines. I hope you have a good day. And i’m exited to learn new thing with you guys.


Hello I’m Fred, I’m traveling around on my motorbike, working online to support myself.

My grandfather is from Italy, although he left 40 odd years ago. He’s from Ancone. I recently spent a couple of weeks with him to watch the Six Nations rugby together … not a good tournament for Italy. I learned some fruity new Italian words sitting next to him!

I shall be arriving in Italy sometime during the next couple of months and plan to criss-cross the country from north to south.


Ciao a tutti !! I am Aditya from India and i am new to Italophile. I love learning about lifestyles, cultures, foods etc. of different countries. When it comes to monuments, who has not heard the name of the Pantheon or the Arch of Titus. Many famous cuisines such as Pizza and Lasagna have their origins in Italy.

I hope to learn about Italy and I hope to make many friends here :slight_smile:

Buona giornata a tutti


Hello Everybody - I was first attracted to Italy and Italians after watching the first 2 Godfather films. I know now that they weren’t the best introduction to typical Italian culture. But I have to credit those bad boys for sparking my interest. I loved the sound of Italian and the films were the first time I heard it.


Hello! I’m Liz and I’ve been in love with Italy for as long as I can remember. Everything about it - the culture, the language, the history, the geography - is beautiful. I think my trip to Italy in high school was what really sealed the deal though. I wish I could move there!


Greetings, I’m Penelope, and I have a fond liking for so many things Italian, not to mention not so long ago I was very close to getting married to a nice Italian man (thereby making my Italian love official). Italy has been one of my favorite interests for a long time. I love talking about, and being immersed in the culture.


Hi, I just saw this thread, even though I have been posting for a few days. I am Karen. I love food, history, culture beautiful scenery. All of these characterisitics make me an Italophile.


Hello everyone I am junrose123 from the Philippines, a friendly and a simple person who loves to work online during my idle time. Online jobs was one of my favorite past time because I am earning while I am doing something which is really helpful to increase my earnings. I am a full time private employee of a certain company and I am happy to be a part of this site. Thank you for giving m the Chance to be in this wonderful site to share my knowledge and experiences in some things around us.


Hi! I’m Kayel. Been a member of this site for more than a week already. Sorry for not introducing myself first. Italy is one of the finest country that’s a must to be travelled. Looking forward to learn new things about Italy from you guys! ^^,


Hello everyone. My name is Joey and I am excited to be here on this site because I love Italy very much. I’m hoping that someday I can get to visit Italy and go to famous places there like Vatican and to visit Colosseum as well which is one my favorite. Cheers!!


Hi, I’m Jack Oat and I am new here. I’m looking forward to enjoy posting in this site, as well as learning new things, especially about Italy. Have a good day to everyone.


Good day everyone! I’m albino from Philippines. I am very happy to become a part of italophile. Nice to meet you all…


My name is Denis.I am from Montenegro.I have only been to Italy once, in Rome and I loved it.I am planning to go to Italy next summer.


Well hello everyone and I am so glad that I found this place. I am second generation Italian American and have been over to the main land twice, and I cannot wait to get back and experience it again. I just hope I can relive some of the memories and get excited again to go back.


Hello guys! I’m a new member here. I’m not an Italian but I do really wanna know the culture, behavior, attitude, language and traits of Italian people. I hope I can meet new friends here who can contribute to my passion on learning the things mentioned. Thank you all in advance!


I’m Amelia, I’m half Italian courtesy of my grandparents so I guess that’s what made me interested in the country in the first place! I love the food, the history and culture, and the beauty of Italy - I’ve already been twice and I’m already looking forward to my next trip. I wish I had a better grasp on the language though - I know a little, but just wish that I was proficient!


Hello everybody. I am not resident or a citizen of Italy but someday I will visit the place. As of now I cannot because of lack of resources. I loved to visit it because of its food, people, architect, culture, language and fashion. When I am still in school we sometimes discussed the well and famous Italy. For this I am inspired to go there and experience Italy in my very own eye.