Introduce Yourself


Hi there! My name is Ambrosia and I was born in Italy but have never been there since. I was adopted by an American family and have spent my life here. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about my native land from the safety of my home. I look forward to seeing you all out in the forum!


Welcome all the new people! Nice to meet you guys!


My name is Ron Vergas. I haven’t ever left North America. I am usually in Canada and occasionally in the States. I have a big backpacking trip on my mind and I definitely think that Italy is going to be a great part of it.


Well, I’m italian and I live in Italy. Is it enough to be an Italophile? :laughing:


Hello, everyone, I am also new here. My self Ansel From Brisbane. Does anyone like to welcome me here?


Ciao, I’m Sara and I’m actually Italian! :grinning: I live not very far from Venice, in Northern Italy.
I have a background in tourism and I have always been interested in local folkways and culture.
I have started to write about tourism in Italy and Italian culture on the Internet to give “the pespective of the insider” on these subjects. I always enjoy reading the opinions of foreign people on Italy, so it’s great to be here.


I’m Jason from the southeastern US and I’ve always liked Italian food and Ancient Roman stuff (TV series Spartacus) so I suppose that draws me toward it. Also, as most Americans, I grew up watching films about Italian Americans in New York - so that further sparked my interest.


Ciao Jason, it’s nice to get to know you :slight_smile:


Am Cyril. Resides in London. I love Italians in general. Especially their foods.
This forum is my favorite.


Hello, everyone. I am Phil and I am new to the site. I am in sales and do a lot of travel. I like to discuss travel and I am hoping to do some international travel in the next year, so this seems to be a good place to hang out. I look forward to meeting more of the community.


Hi there!
My name is thiago, I’m a 28 years old brazilian guy who wants to travel to italy some day… I became friends with a group of italians that came to my house in brasil about 3 years ago. I would really love to spend some time traveling around italy and eating italian’s great food! haha


My name is Marco and I’m actually a third generation Italian Canadian. My grandparents from my dad’s side migrated to Canada after WWII. I grew up in an Italian household and have been connecting my roots ever since. I recently visited Italy and got to meet some relatives who are still living there. My goal now is to master the language and go every summer.


Welcome Marco! I’m from Italy and I have relatives who migrated in Canada after WWII as well :slight_smile:


I’m Sarah. My great-grandmother immigrated from Italy on one side of the family, great-grandfather on the other side of the family. I’ve traveled all over Asia, but haven’t been to Europe yet and would love to make Italy the first stop. I’d say my family is a typical Chicago Italian type of family.


Ciao Sarah, welcome :blush:


Hello everyone! I am from the Philippines, I can’t wait to know and discover more about this country! I am very interested about Italy ever since! It is always be in my bucket list! I know discussing with you guys will be fun and fulfilling. And later on that I will realize that Italy is something more than I could ever imagine. Thank you guys!


Hi I’m EfficientNinja and I haven’t been to Italy but I’ve seen the place in movies especially romantic ones and during travels in video games. I love the atmosphere the places this country brings and the music themes that play when I arrive in Italy based places in video games. I’ve been to a mall in Macau that is inspired by the Grand Canal in Venice and I loved it. It would be nice if I could go to the real place with someone I like. :smiley:


Hello, I’m Chantal and my total state of “Italophile-ism” started when I studied Latin at school followed by Ancient Roman history. I soon learned that there is so much more to the Italian peninsula (to use a Latin word) and the people than my limited history studies had told me.

My first visit was to Rome to see where some of the most dramatic things I’d read about had happened. But since then I’ve visited many other places. Within the last two years Naples and Venice.


Hi! A newbie here!

One of the places I really wanna go with my family is none other than Italy!

I know there are a lot of places in Italy where you could make your jaw drop. I wanna build memories there as well. :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone!

I would like to say that I’ve joined this forum because I want to learn more and explore more about the country Italy. We can’t deny the fact that it is one of the most visited country in the Europe and its heritages and scriptures and history per se has a great influence to my country Philippines. O+I am looking forward to know more and to read more and to participate more in this forum to the best knowledge I can so that it will be a win-win situation to all of us. Most of my relatives are working also in the Italy so I have a great and really looking forward to this forum. Hoping I was on the right forum for this.

Thank you!