Interesting Facts About Italy


Oh dear, I didn’t know about the earthquakes. I guess it’s to be expected, Italy has mountains crossing it from North to South.
There was actually an earthquake in Northern Italy, just a few days ago. It was about 50 miles from where I actually am, but clearly felt it nonetheless! (nothing bad happened, by the way, no damages or victims, just a natural phenomenon that suddenly… ‘happened’. Just like that).


Haha this one made me laugh! So true!! Having travelled through a good chunk of Europe I can say that all Europeans talk with their hands but Italians take it a new level!


Did you know that Final Fantasy XV’s Altissia area is based on Italy’s Venice? You can even ride a boat/ferry and ride through the game’s representation of the famous Grand Canal! :slight_smile:


the interesting fact for me is, I thought that the Vatican was just part of Italy or just one of the province in Italy, but I was wrong, Vatican in Rome is the smallest country in the world.


I did not know that four fifths of Italy was mountainous or hilly. I would not have thought that, but there do seem to be a number of rocky coastlines involved so I guess it is not that surprising. It is scenic I think no matter where you go.


Italy has only been a country for 157 years. Modern Italy became nation state in 1861.

Pasta (where Italy is known for) was first used in 4th century B.C. While Pizza was invented in 1860 in Naples.

Italy is the third oldest country in the world behind Japan and Germany.

14 billion espressos are consumed in Italy per year.

From 1904 to 1999, Italian kids only needed to attend school till they were 14! Now the age of compulsory education is sixteen.

The World’s longest tunnel–Gotthard Base Tunnel–runs from Switzerland to Italy. It took 17 years to build and is 57 km long.


Italy is one of the countries if not the country having the most number of saints, referring to the Roman Catholic Religion. It is always a tourist attraction visiting historical churches with relics of saints on some. It is in Italy that the city within a city is situated, referring to Vatican City which is the seat of power of the Roman Catholic church and where the official residence of the Pope is located. Italians are fond of pasta and pizza where it is claimed that the most delicious pizza establishment is located in Italy where former president of the US Bill Clinton was said to have once dined if my memory is correct. An Italian individual consumes a considerable amount of pasta annually as compared to people of other nationalities.


@Bords64 It makes sense that Italy would have the most number of saints. I had to check out good ol’ Wikipedia to see what the numbers are. According to them, they have a staggering lead over second place. Italy has 260 saints, while France has 142. The gap gets smaller between second and third; Spain has 118. I can’t be surprised that these three have the highest numbers given their historical relationships with the Catholic Church.


That kind of makes me want to see what those health potions from the Sardinian Islands are all about and what exactly those might have to offer. I was unaware of that one and that is really interesting. Also it being the size of Arizona is interesting especially when you consider how many times more history is in the place with just as much square footage.


Those are some interesting statistics. The tunnel is something that I had not considered. It is just one of the things that probably would not be known to those that are outside the country. Thanks for sharing the information.


I find these facts fascinating. I’m glad to know that most people living there are Roman Catholic. It’s my devotion too. I believe that Rome is one of the best places to learn more about the rich history of our faith.


Some of these facts were things I already knew, and others really surprised me. I’m not surprised that the opening of McDonalds didn’t go down too well, though. I’ve heard that happening in many places around the world where a McDonalds just seemed out of place with the culture and the surroundings there.


Did you know that Leonardo had no surname in the modern sense – “da Vinci” simply means “of Vinci”. Vinci is a city and commune of the Metropolitan City of Florence in the Italian region of Tuscany.


Your facts are very interesting, some of them are new to me.
The flag of Italy, also known as tricolor, is full of symbolism. It has three vertical stripes, its colors are green (near to the flagpole), white (in the middle) and red. The meaning of the colors is the following: white represents the snowy Alps, green is for the green plains, and red means the blood of the Italians who died in the wars of independence.


“…Mc Donalds opened in Rome in 1986. From what I’ve read, that didn’t go over too well.”

I think I have read this too before, and I guess Italians are not fond of burgers since they are used to pizzas. Maybe they are not used to its taste? Or maybe they just don’t like to eat it? Whatever the reason why McDonald’s did not successfully pleased Italians taste is because of their culture?


China invented fireworks, but Italy gave them color. Colors are created using metallic powders. Calcium makes orange, sodium makes yellow, and barium makes green. Also, cylindrical tubes create whistling sounds, aluminum flakes make hissing noises, and flash powder makes the loud “booms.”