If You Could Live in Italy…


I’ve often daydreamed about just dropping everything and moving to Italy, but with my current job, that’s not really going to happen (yet). But, my desire to move to Italy (specifically, to the countryside that is just outside of the city of Rome) got me thinking. How many of you would want to drop everything and move to Italy if you could? Where would you like to live if you could live anywhere in the country?


I would probably move to just about any democratic country if I could just to escape the political environment in my country. I’m not sure where I’d want to wind up in Italy though, because there are so many diverse choices that are equally great. I like your choice, but I’d rather land in a large city due to more job opportunities and things to take in.


I’d prefer to stay in my own country, but visit more often.


I don’t think I’d drop everything to move to Italy. I might fantasize about doing it, but I don’t think reality would measure up to the ideal image I have in my head of it. Although, I will say that moving to the countryside in just about any democratic country is appealing right now . . . and I might just do it.


I’d move to Tuscany for the charm. That area is beautiful, plus the atmosphere seems so laid-back and family oriented. I’m not sure about the job market though.


As of now I do not have any plans in moving or staying for so long in Italy. My country is not perfect, corruptions everywhere, but I loved it so much because of the people around. I will not change my residence but I am definitely visiting Italy soon.


For me, it is more habitual to stay in my place. I think that it is a good idea to live in the place where you have relatives nearby. I am married, so when I have kids, I will be able to get help from my female relatives with them. I have visited Italy and hope that I will travel there once more, but I do not want to move to any other country.


If I have the money to cushion my transition for living there while I look for work, I would. I would check first if it is easy to migrate to Italy and if they have work opportunities for me there. If there are no jobs for me there, I don’t think I would live in Italy because I won’t be able to afford living there.


I would not. Italy might seem romantic and glamours on TV but it has problems just like everywhere else. I know someone Italian online and she can’t even get a loved one laid to rest in a fmily crypt because she says the officials want a bribe! I can’t imagine that happening here.


I would like to try the big cities of Turin in Piedmont, Milan in Lombardy and Bologna in Emilia-Romagna. I think there is plenty of work, plenty of people and as many museums, restaurants and nightclubs that I would ever need.


I have a similar opinion. If there are no jobs available for me in there, I won’t bother to live there for a long time. A short visit is just fine if that’s the case.


I agree about Tuscany - I’d love to have my own villa with some space, and just be able to wake up to that landscape everyday. I think it’d make life feel like one giant vacation which sounds amazing to be honest!


I might have an overly romanticized view of Tuscany, given all the films that have taken place there, but I think it is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. My cousin lived there for three months and she said that it was like living in a fairly tale, that she had never seen a more beautiful hillside than in Tuscany.

That being said, as beautiful as it is, I realistically wouldn’t move. Italy is a country like any other with its ups and downs, and while I’d happily vacation there, I feel most comfortable surrounded by a culture I’m familiar with.


If I got the chance to live in Italy, I would prefer to stay in Venice. It is a peaceful place with many attractions. The place has a rich history and not to mention the gorgeous canals.