If You Could Live in Italy…


I’ve often daydreamed about just dropping everything and moving to Italy, but with my current job, that’s not really going to happen (yet). But, my desire to move to Italy (specifically, to the countryside that is just outside of the city of Rome) got me thinking. How many of you would want to drop everything and move to Italy if you could? Where would you like to live if you could live anywhere in the country?


I would probably move to just about any democratic country if I could just to escape the political environment in my country. I’m not sure where I’d want to wind up in Italy though, because there are so many diverse choices that are equally great. I like your choice, but I’d rather land in a large city due to more job opportunities and things to take in.


I’d prefer to stay in my own country, but visit more often.


I don’t think I’d drop everything to move to Italy. I might fantasize about doing it, but I don’t think reality would measure up to the ideal image I have in my head of it. Although, I will say that moving to the countryside in just about any democratic country is appealing right now . . . and I might just do it.


I’d move to Tuscany for the charm. That area is beautiful, plus the atmosphere seems so laid-back and family oriented. I’m not sure about the job market though.