Hunting in Italy


Has anyone gone hunting in Italy? What are the hunting laws in Italy like? Do you need a special permit to hunt? How much would that cost? What are some of the best places in Italy to go hunting and what are the animals you are most likely going to catch?


I believe it is based on seasons. They have two hunting seasons, one may have just started this month. I remember reading a bit on this in a travelers guide a few weeks ago. I only glossed it as I don’t hunt myself. I think you have to be such a distance away from populated areas and crops, and it is legal.


Very interesting! I have hunted here in the United States, but hunting in Italy would be great! I understand that they have marvelous wooded areas. What is the biggest game animal hunted in Italy? Does anyone know?


There’s a wild boar hunt in Tuscany that sound like it would be a really interesting experience. The hunters meet really early in the morning and then will move into the woods and arrange themselves in a line. Then the dogs are released to chase after the boars. The hunters has to predict from which bush the boar will jump and shoot it.


I’ve never gone hunting, nor am I interested to try. But I know for sure you need a special permit. And you must ‘obey’ the hunting rules and only go hunting when it’s in season and only in the designated areas. Otherwise, you can get into big trouble!
Oh, and I think the animals most likely to catch are boar and wild rabbit, but that might depend on the region.