How romantic is Italy?


It seems in the movies and on TV shows, it is painted as a VERY romantic place to be. A lot of the women tend to have fairy tale like stories with their boyfriends and husbands. I just don’t know if this is all true. Also, if it is romantic, what are some of the romance-esc things that happen there?


Sadly I hadn’t been there with someone I love yet =(

But it is VERY romantic. I actually think its more romantic than France and Im not saying that because my family came from Italy lol. There’s just something that’s kind of atmospheric about Italy. From the food, to the people, to the country, to the mountains. And to the HISTORY. Knowing that Italy was important in Europe for so long, even when it wasn’t technically Italy and united like we know today. But you can still see the effects of the Roman days even now, and there’s just something that’s beautiful knowing you’re standing in a spot that important people walked around on about a thousand years ago.


Italy is a very romantic place but anywhere in the world can be romantic if you make it to be romantic. Just because of a name, doesn’t mean it’s romantic unless the couple makes it romantic.


Ya know you are probably right. I guess I never really thought of that. I remember seeing some add “America is for Lovers” and thought, the hell it is! Specially right now but keeping what you said in mind, it makes a lot of sense now.


Oh believe me it is.

My ex husband and I once spent a full moon night sitting on a cliff that over looked a small little town nestled in the valleys. It took my breatha wa,y becuase that tow had probably been there since the middle ages, and it was a mixture of both old and new that I never really could comprehend in the united states because everything is about 250 years old at max. I can’t comprehend anything from a thousand years ago.

And it was so still, so quiet, some light music from a radio. A bottle of wine… Im getting chills thinking about it. shame about the marriage.


I have never been to Italy myself but from friends of mine who have they have told me that it’s a very romantic place and even more romantic when you visit with someone you love. I would love to be able to go with my boyfriend and experience Italy for myself just to see how romantic it really is.


I hope that it is as romantic as you say JellyNelly! I am a total romantic and I would love to meet an Italian man in the most romantic country ever. Wish me luck and maybe I’ll get lucky! Have a great day!


Not trying to be a snob bashing my own nation, but it seems the US doesn’t manage its urban areas like Italy or South Korea (a place I lived at one time) etc… In other words, there are too many shopping districts and whatnot, and far less beautiful downtown areas (though, I have to admit the US has outrageously wonderful natural scenery in the countryside). For instance, Nashville, the capital of my state, has a wonderful downtown, but the outside of it is very trashy, just miles and miles of shopping areas with no trees or landscape at all.

Well, anyway, the Italian urban and town areas are probably well landscaped and it’s romantic for that reason.


I totally agree! There are plenty dirty cities or areas in Italy as well (first time I visited Milan, the first thing I noticed was it was quite a dirty city!), but I have to say, urban and other areas are indeed well taken care of.
Italians are very proud when it comes to their culture and history and they’re aware this country is one of the most beautiful in the world. So they really they make an effort to prove it!


I’d definitely say that sailing down the venice canals is one of the most romantic things possible, not the act itself but I gues it has been publicized a lot and any SO would love to tick that off their bucket list!


I think that Italy would be an ultra romantic destination to go to. It has so many different types of landscapes, waterways, etc. that you could literally pick almost anywhere to go there and be in a very romantic setting.


I’m not a real big romantic, but I can see how you could get swept away by the romance of the country. Italy seems to be a very romantic place! I wonder if I could meet someone there and fall in love?


That’s definitely possible!
Italian men tend to flirt a lot, it’s one of the first things I’ve noticed about the country (watch out, ladies!). Now, I know you need chemistry to fall in love, but this country is so beautiful, it’s easy to forget about yourself and feel like you’re living a fairytale when on vacation!


It’s pretty much a no-brainer that Italy is romantic. I mean, look at all the ancient and middle-ages era stuff. Also, I’m sure the modern Italy away from the old stuff is also charming,


There are definitely a lot of romantic spots in Italy. In that regard, I think it can easily rival France, which is widely thought of as the most romantic country in the world. I would still prefer Italy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will definitely say there are romantic places in Italy. I admire their lovely beaches filled with beautiful faces and romantic people. They are approachable and one can easily find love there.