How religious are Italians?


Some Catholic nations (over the course of time) have become less religious. One example would be France. However, though, the Vatican is located inside of Italy (though not a part of it). In that case, religion is going to be somewhat more important, at least more than in France.


From my point of view it would seem that Italians are very religious however even though they visit church, pray, say grace at meal times, all too often their actions away from prayers and the church are not that of a religious person. Sometimes I feel that even though they practice a certain religion it would seem that away from eyes of those who also practice the same religion they change as a person. This is not me saying that religion is not important to those in Italy but more me saying that to some people, religion is only important in front of others they would like to impress.


Alot of Italians are religious. I’d say most majority of them are Religious Christians, although they do have their fair chunk of atheists, mainly divided among the youth of Italy.


I don’t think there’re much true religious Italians, this doesn’t negates the fact that Italians ain’t religious at all, people had actually questioned their believes lately as am sharing from a personal experience. There has been casualisation from most locals which had been aided by technology. You now have people seated at home and staring at their TV sets at a church program while they should be at the gathering.
Christians ain’t leaving up to standards and with that trend, we are sure to have percentage of religious persons in Italy drop significantly.


Italians vary in religiosity from person to person. Some Italians go to church everyday while other wouldn’t be caught dead at church. In general, you’ll probably be fine whether you are religious or not as long as you respect people’s beliefs.


I’ve noticed the opposite, I find quite a few atheists or people born into Christianity but do not really follow its teachings.


Religion is in the eye of the beholder if you ask me. I have a great relationship with God but rarely go to church. We talk every day and I definitely speak to him in times of trial. I don’t think it makes me any less a Christian if I don’t go to church that often.


This is a great question. I was browsing and it caught my attention because I am a Christian. I grew up Baptist, which I assume there aren’t many churches for in Italy. It would be nice to know if I am right about that. We are pretty regular churchgoers, but regardless of which faith you belong to, it is difficult for many of us to stay engaged as much as we know we should. I think it would be cool to see some of the church architecture in Italy. I really love to see various types of architecture and I know is some countries, there are some beautiful buildings dedicated to worship.


I don’t see Italians as a very religious people.Sure, they’re all raised Catholic and occasionally (and mostly the elderly) go to Church and celebrate religious Holidays, but I think this is what most countries do as well. You have people who are religious, and those who are either atheists and then everyone in between. The fact that the Vatican is in Italy doesn’t really influence things by much.


Statistically speaking, about 83% of Italians identify as Christian. Having said that, like other people have mentioned, the extent to which they practice the religion will vary from person to person. From what I know, the general trend over the last generation has been going to church slightly less often, but still identifying as a Christian. That’s from my experience though.