How often do you drink wine?


I don’t drink wine :smiley:


I can’t tell if you drank a lot or there were just many people who drank wine. Anyway, parties can make that happen. I feel like you won’t even notice how much alcohol you’ve consumed until the day after. I’m happy for you and your friends. :laughing:


I rarely drink wine. It is even 2 or 3 months gap before drinking again. It may sounds odd but if you do that way you will keep the important of the wine. he he.


I like chilled wine. I don’t know if other people drink it lukewarm. Probably a few people like to drink it without ice. So that it doesn’t get diluted by water. :sweat_smile:


I guess when you put it that way, you’re right. Less frequent intake of wine does make it feel special. Kind of like how ice cream tastes sweeter when only bought during special occasions. :grinning: