How often do you drink wine?


I see, so that is the reason why expensive wines are expensive and it actually healthier than those are not. Thanks for the tips. My uncle is actually fond of expensive wines and I don’t ask him why because all I thought is he choose it because it has greater taste than the usual ones.


Yeah. I also question that sometimes, but well it’s already part of the tradition tho especially with families who love to drink wine. It’s definitely for celebrating but there’s some ‘fancy’ people who does drink it when they’re sad or stressed and I just don’t understand why they have to spend such luxury when the only thing they need is to sleep and forget about the sadness lol.

Hahaha, lol. The basic deeds of people in tight wallets - pretend as if it’s the real thing. I actually do a different thing but is somewhat similar. When I was still a minor, I remember mixing Coke and Sprite for it look like Beer. I sometimes pretend to be drunk and it’s really funny.


Yes, that’s definitely the reason why. I actually had the same thoughts before. My brother in law is fond of collecting expensive wines and he has some from I guess 1980’s and it’s still in his storage room. Before, I also thought it was just for the taste but after we talked about it during dinner I understood that it’s really about the health benefits and that’s when I decided not to buy inexpensive wines anymore.


That’s a really good question. For me, it varies, but on average you could probably say I drink about one bottle a month. I really like moscato, and I’ll try to snag a bottle every month just to have at home for those nights that I need a light drink.

When my family goes out to Olive Garden, I always like to they the wine sample they offer as well. It’s great to experience different flavors that way!


True! It’s part of their culture and identity. It’s like wine is so important to them it might as well be family. :rofl:

Maybe some people are just so rich that they don’t mind spending on expensive items since their wealth and income are beyond “such trivial things.” :joy:

I’m overjoyed that you can relate to this. I’m sure many of us have imagined certain scenarios and convinced ourselves that they were real. Sometimes pretending is much more fun than doing the real thing. People who aren’t rich often make the most creative solutions for their “little problems.” :laughing:


Yeah and that’s what makes them look very luxurious to other nations. Here in my country, when we hear about Italy we’ll definitely think about the luxurious things inside that country. :heart_eyes:

Exactly and I do have a lot of problems about those people tho but I won’t publicize it, it’s better kept inside :joy:

I as well is very much happy that we can relate to each other. There are actually more than a dozen solutions that not-so privileged people like us do in order to make ourselves feel like we’re having the same thing. For instance, I eat Pancit (A traditional noodle dish here in PH) in the way how Italians eat their Pasta. It really is silly but I like eating while feeling like what I’m eating is expensive. :relaxed::kissing_heart::joy::sweat_smile:


So does that mean Italy equals luxury? :smile:

You’re probably right about that. No need to add fuel to the fire. It’s their life. So if they want to buy expensive yet overpriced wine, why not? :laughing:

I can see that. I mean, I think you just wrote “I is very much happy.” So wrong grammar often shows how intensely we feel about certain things. :rofl:

Hey, I think I’ve done that too to some extent. I’ve had instant noodles like spaghetti and carbonara flavor and pretended as if they were the real thing. Just close your eyes and every little thing will be alright. :joy:


I think just once a month. Wine is actually not that popular in our country, We have wine only because if we need it as part of the ingredients in the dishes.


Yes of course, I mean if it’s not Italy equals luxury then what is? I mean their country, how they dress up, their food, and even their celebrations are so fancy looking we Filipinos can’t relate lol :joy:

Exactly. Their money, their choice. And yes, when I’m too excited I commit a lot of grammar mistakes because you know, my mind’s too fast my hands can keep up with it :smile:

Well, sky’s the limit tho. If you can’t see it, then it’s the real thing. There’s nothing wrong with fooling yourself sometimes, at least you’re doing it to yourself and not to others. :grin:


True. They really do have a rich cultural heritage… literally speaking. :laughing:

This reminds me of a certain thought regarding happiness and contentment. Imagination plays a crucial role to how satisfied we are with our lives. This is the secret kids have on why they’re always happy. :grinning:

But wait 'til they get a taste of wine. That’s a whole new kind of happiness. Just joking. But you get what I mean. :rofl:


Sometimes I only drink some wine during some important occasions especially during fiesta or birthday parties since most of my friends offer me to drink some wine during that occasions. It is really great to taste different wines since some of them are expensive but the taste is also good, the more expensive is the wine is I think the better.


Very True. Although we also have a rich heritage, they’re heritage is far richer than our heritage. Like literally :sweat_smile:

Yeah. I’ve always wondered why it’s so hard to become an adult and so easy to be a kid. Based from my realizations in life :joy: I guess kids are unaware that their imaginations are sometimes impossibe to happen and so they don’t get stressed, but us adults we know the facts and so we get stressed a lot. :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah. It’s a whole new world when you’ll taste the real thing. :wink::joy:


I’m happy to say that I’m very much enjoying our conversation. :grinning:

I think life in general is all about imagination. Happiness is actually within reach. Contentment is part of the recipe so to speak. Like what Spongebob says about life and imagination. Imagine the Krabby Patty. :relaxed:

Is it just me or did I hear Aladdin and Jasmine singing? :joy:


Same here pal. I’m so happy to have someone to talk here in this forum (P.S. We apologize to the admins for making this thread a chat box :joy: )

Yeah, life in general is all about imagination. And ohh, how I miss spongebob. Imagine the Krabby Patty, it won’t exist anymore because SpongeBob’s voice artist is already dead :sob:

No, you’re not the only one. :sweat_smile::rofl:


I find that a lot of us prefer drinking it on special occasions. But we also can’t avoid drinking it when we do feel like it. The only exception would be if we don’t have any wine left or simply can’t afford to buy more. :laughing:


Well, thanks for the fun conversation as well. Let’s try communicating with other members of the community. The response box actually recommended it. :rofl:

According to Google, he’s still alive. Try searching for him there. He’s not yet dead. Hahaha! :smile:


I drink wine when I have it…I would say a few times a week. I enjoy it, and it is basically healthy I think. It is better for you than soda that is for sure. If I were to go to Italy, or I should say when I go, I will be sure to drink wine!


My grandfather and I have a backyard vineyard, so being that we tend to the vines and make wine together, we also drink wine together as well.

I would say that I probably drink about a cup (235ml) of wine each evening with him. So 235ml, multiplied by four weeks, equals to about six and a half liters a month. That would mean that I’m about a liter off from drinking two U.S gallons a month!

Being that it’s normal for many people to have more than just one cup with dinner, I can totally see how the average Italian could easily drink several gallons in a month.


Sounds interesting. I can’t imagine drinking that much in one month. But I do feel like Italians have their way with drinking wine. Their alcohol tolerance must be off the roof. That or their drunk state is close to their normal mood. :joy:


Last night I drink some wine together with my friends, I think it was about 10 bottles of wine that we consume last night because we are in a group last night celebrating the birthday of one our friends.It was really full of fun and excitement since we are very happy during that time and it also serve as one of our bonding moments.