How often do you drink wine?


I like drinking red wine. It helps calm my nerves whenever I’m winding down from a stressful day. I don’t drink a lot. But I also drink wine when I feel like it. So I guess it’s a bit frequent.


I did drink a glass once and it really tasted good. However, I haven’t able to drink again because it’s very expensive here in the Philippines and I’m still considered a minor so I can’t buy one right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to drink one because it really taste good and I heard it has a lot of health benefits.


I would say on average about one bottle a week. I don’t drink it every day, but I usually polish off a bottle in a week. I mostly drink reds, but not always


I only have a glass or two a week, these days! It’s a combination of just not having the time (I’ve got young children so it’s hard to just sit down and enjoy a glass!) and not wanting to drink alone!


I drink wine once or twice a month because I prefer brandy or vodka. I like dry white or semi-sweet red wine, I drink at least 4 glasses per evening. I prefer wine to champaign, but if there are any other stronger alcoholic beverages, I choose them. My favourite wine is Kisi Qvevri (dry white). I also enjoy Kindzmarauli (semi-sweet red). They are considered to be the best ones made in Georgia. My husband does not drink wine at all, he has his head swimming after drinkig it.


True. It is expensive. I also wonder what the difference is between cheap and expensive wines. It’s not that obvious if you don’t know which of the two you’re drinking. I don’t know if its like this for everyone. :rofl:


It’s the same for me tho. If there’s no price tag or anything on the bottle, it would still taste the same. I guess the main difference between cheap and expensive wines is that cheap wines have a lot of sugar while expensive ones don’t have as much or don’t really have sugar at all. This is based from what my brother in law told me. He’s working in a winery in Australia and he told our family about it when he visited last year for the new year’s eve.


I think I am just drinking a wine every once in a week or even every after 2 weeks. Drinking wine was one of my favorite past time together with my friends and family or even when I have something on my mind or if I want to make some unwind for my self. Wine is beneficial to our health if we just drink of it in moderation, it is better substitute to beers which sometimes cause acidity to our body that is why I am more confident in drinking wine than drinking beers.


This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had thoughts about this for a long while. Maybe they do have practically the same taste if you don’t know the price. Sometimes it’s psychological because our brains want us to justify the money spent on expensive wine. :rofl:


Honestly, I’m not a fan of drinking wine. I find wine quite not good in taste the first time I tasted it. Then I swear already that I won’t going to drink any wine again. But I think I would still get to a time that I will finally learn how to appreciate and drink wines. But I don’t want to get drunk though.


Yeah, especially if you’re not a frequent drinker and you have only drank one brand. It’s so hard to tell whether it’s expensive or not. And yes, we always justify ourselves by telling that everything is delicious even if it’s not because of the money we’ve spent.


Usually just a couple of times a week. I’m having a glass of rose while I am typing this, actually! It’s my evening wind-down time so I’m relaxing with my computer, some good music, and a glass of wine. Perfect!


And to think that companies make big money on expensive wine. This definitely puts things in perspective. I’ll probably stick to more affordable brands with this in mind.


WE all know that it depends upon the flavor of the wine that our taste buds like and aside from that it has also some health benefits right? But me as a person who has an allergy in alcohol even though in just wine, yes so weird right? How often I drink wine? I did not know and to tell you honestly also my last drink of wine was last week for about 3-4 years straight without drinking it. So maybe i can say that it is not too often I drink wine :slight_smile:


I don’t really find wine that good. There are lots more interesting drinks than this alcoholic beverage. It’s probably due to the alcohol content that people find it appealing.


Well, there’s actually a good reason why expensive wines are expensive. They don’t add sugar on expensive wines so they’ll always rely with the natural taste of the grapes and they’ll also have to invest so much on fermenting them. My brother in law actually told me that it’s better to buy and drink expensive wines because they’re healthy compared to in-expensive wines. Affordable ones/cheap ones will just make you diabetic.


Thanks for sharing! That explains why they’re better in terms of health. And that they have better quality too. Though, I still think some are overpriced. But there definitely are well made expensive wines. :grinning:


I have never consumed wine in my life. Not even a sip! I witnessed many people get drunk after drinking wine and lose their minds. I never want that to happen to me.


You’re welcome pal. Yes, they’re actually better for our body’s health but not for our wallet’s :joy::joy: And yes, there are some that are just too over-priced especially those wines that are sold in the bars and restaurants, I heard they add up a significant amount to the original price of the wine…


Sometimes you question why you need to drink wine in the first place. Is it because you’re feeling sad or because you’re celebrating? Or maybe both? :laughing:

You know what? There are times where I actually make grape juice and pour it in a fancy drinking glass. Sometimes I mix it with other dark colored flavors, pretending its wine. Go figure! :joy: