How often do you drink wine?


Not too long ago I read that in Italy, on average a person drinks a couple of gallons of wine a month. After reading that I definitely felt like I have been given permission to do a little bit more wine drinking than I usually do. It depends, but usually I drink about a bottle of wine a month. Not that much I would say, considering the fact that I love wine.
I’m not at a level where I know a good vintage from a bad one, or any of that, I just know what I like. I mostly stick with the sweet tasting, bubbly types. Every now and then I’ll venture outside of my “taste comfort zone.”


I think I go through one bottle per month …


Two gallons a month? Wow. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised though! Italians are serious about their wine. I’m like you, @Melii. I drink about a bottle a month. I’m the only one in the house who drinks, so that keeps me in check. Bubbly ones are my favorite as well! I used to only drink reds, but I’ve moved away from them.


I drink a glass or two of wine most evenings. I thought that I didn’t drink a lot, but it seems that I drink a lot more than other people on the forum.

I had to do the math: If one 750ml bottle of wine = one-fifth of a gallon, then I drink 4 fifths of a gallon a month.

Which I still think is not a lot! So if the average Italian drinks 2 gallons a month which = 10 bottles a month which = roughly one bottle (6 standard glasses) every 3 days which = 2 glasses a day, then 2 gallons doesn’t sound so much.

I’m glad I did the math there, I now feel less guilty and/or worried about my couple of glasses most evenings.


I’m glad you did the math, @Pearl. I can’t stand doing math, but I was really curious about how many glasses that would end up being. Two glasses a day doesn’t sound too crazy to me. I usually only have a bottle a week, unless family or friends are in town.


I don’t drink wine. I’ve not progressed from beer drinking. Wine drinking is for middle aged people! I’m joking … As I’m usually on my motorbike I don’t drink during the day but a long cold beer is welcome in the evening. Wine doesn’t do the job for me.


@Jerry @Francine I see we’re on about the same level when it comes to drinking wine, although I must admit I’ve been trying to consciously up my wine intake. That might sound a bit strange, but the reason for that is because from day to day, I have a lot going on (don’t we all?) and I find that a little bit of wine smooths out the ruffles in my feathers, so-to-speak.
Knowing that’s the case I’ll still sometimes forget to just relax and have a glass of wine. Instead I choose to feel annoyed or maybe go off on a long, physically exhausting tangent :blush:.

I liken it to how a person knows for a fact that yoga relaxes them and makes them function better all the way around, but they only find themselves doing yoga once or twice a month. The rest of the time they walk around wound up tighter than a drum, when all they need to do is about 10 minutes of yoga a day to feel better.

Instead of having a couple of glasses of wine with dinner twice a month, which I think averages out to about a bottle a month, I can maybe do a half of a glass every couple of days with dinner.

@Francine It’s interesting that you say you’ve moved away from the reds, because the reds are what I’m trying to get into. Awhile ago, a friend of mine made a comment to me about wine, and he said something about “as long as it’s red”.
When he said that, he kind of made me feel that my palate was very immature (although that was not his intention) as far as drinking wine goes. Drinking red wine seems so mature compared to my taste for the sweet and bubbly, so I’ve been trying to drink more red wine, but it’s a challenge for me.


@Pearl Like @Melanie said, I’m glad you did the math. I don’t particularly like doing math either and when I started to read your reply, I immediately felt an ever-so-slight headache coming on. I think I was traumatized by math… or rather, by certain math teachers many years ago.

Looking at your calculations though @Pearl, I can kind of see how a person could get up to two gallons a month. To be fair, I don’t know how accurate the stats that I quoted are, I read them in an article online so you know how that is.
That being said, the two gallon amount makes sense, especially if one is using wine as their main beverage, perhaps sometimes both at lunch and at dinner.


Red and white are quite different, but from my experience, red is usually stronger in taste. So I alternate. Although I prefer red, I recently moved from the usual cabsav and merlot to Tempranillo, because the Tempranillos have a much stronger and robust palete of tastes…


@Melii There’s no harm in consciously trying to up your wine game. It seems to do good things for the Italians! It really does help take the edge off after a tiresome day. Isn’t it crazy how easy it can be to forget to relax? I haven’t heard someone compare wine to yoga before, but it totally makes sense! I’d rather drink wine than do yoga. :joy:

I think that most wine lovers tend to go for reds most of the time. I’m not sure why that is though. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the flavors can be bolder or maybe it’s just because they eat things that pair with red wines better. I have been steering away from them because I find them a little heavy…and they give me hangovers way more often than whites. I think whites are more refreshing too.


I could probably keep up with the Italians! Maybe that’s because my father’s side is 100% percent Italian or maybe I’m just a wine lover. I used to have a system of drinking red in the winter and white in the summer, but I now drink white wine year round. I also don’t like sweet wines, so it has to be something dry and even a little woody.


@Fred Yeah, alcohol and motorcycles don’t seem like a great combination! I know what you mean about feeling like wine is for old people. I felt that way for a long time. I don’t really know when I switched gears. I think it was probably the year I had to live with my parents. They like to live like the Italians when it comes to wine.

@Jerry I don’t think I’ve ever tried Tempranillo before. It sounds delicious though! When I drink reds, I’m a Merlot girl.

I’m with you 100%, @Stephania. I used to follow the reds in the winter, whites in the summer routine. Then, one summer, I fell in love with whites and rarely think about popping open a red…unless I’m having steak. There’s just something magical about having a glass (or three) of Merlot with a ribeye steak.


@Francine You get hangovers from drinking red wine? Do you drink a lot of it, or just a very little bit gives you a hangover? I don’t think I’ve ever had a wine hangover. If I have, I don’t recall right now.
I didn’t realize I was actually comparing wine to yoga until you mentioned it :blush:, I just thought I was making a comparison that was relatable.

You are so right, it is crazy how hard it is to remember to relax.
After writing this post, the other day I had to go grocery shopping and I made a conscious effort to stock up on a little bit of wine. I bought 3 regular size bottles, and two small 4 packs. When I got home from the store, I put some of the bottles in my kitchen.

Last night (days later), I was in my garage doing something, happened to look in a corner by the garage door and there was more wine. I hadn’t even brought it in the house! It’s like, I’m trying to up my wine game, but then I forget the wine and leave it in the garage.

As far as most wine lovers loving red wine, I personally want to get into reds for two reasons. One, because I’ve heard it’s really good for your blood. I know white is good too, but I always see on news stories and read online that red has more of the good stuff.

My second reason for wanting to get into reds is because the person who said to me, “… as long as it’s red” is a very well-to-do attorney. His law firm is high atop a skyscraper… floor to ceiling glass panels for walls… success everywhere. I figured, “If he’s recommending drinking red wine, there might be something to it.”


@Melii Consider yourself lucky! I can get them from drinking a couple of glasses. If I drink more than that, I’m sure to have a headache in the morning. I think it has something to do with the fact that I don’t drink enough water.

Those small 4 packs are adorable. I have a hard time finding 4 packs of decent wine though. Haha, don’t forget your wine in the garage! Maybe you should treat yourself to a glass after grocery shopping to help you remember (and de-stress because grocery shopping can be stressful).

I didn’t know that red wine has more health benefits. I’ll have to look into that. I’ve noticed that a lot of fancy people do love drinking red wine. Maybe there’s something to it!


@Fred I agree with @Melanie when she says that motorbikes and alcohol don’t seem like a great combination, so it’s good that you don’t drink during the day when you’re riding around. As far as the beer goes, me personally, I just can’t get into in, and believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve wanted to drink beer with friends, and bosses (after work), but beer just isn’t for me. I like wine coolers, and wine, and liquor, but beer just aggravates me more than it does anything else. :grin:

Coca-Cola is one of my all time favorite drinks, and beer reminds me of a coke, only without the pleasant taste. It seems like every time I try to drink a beer, the carbonation makes my mind go straight to drinking a Coca-Cola, so I guess I always imagine something sweet, and therefore the bitter taste of the beer irritates me.

Years ago, all of my friends used to drink beer, and they seemed to enjoy it so much. Beer always looks so inviting, thirst quenching, and like it’s a full-on delicacy, especially when it’s ice cold,
but then I taste it, and… no. Just no. :grimacing:

Don’t get me wrong, I will drink beer, but I won’t enjoy it. Beer really bugs me because I so want to like it, I really do, but I just can’t.

My drink of choice doesn’t have to be wine. I can have a short, nice glass of some type of good liquor, straight, or mixed with something, on the rocks or neat.


I am not accustomed in drinking wines on a daily basis, but then for health reasons and the benefit wine gives especially for the heart, having a glass of wine in the evening not only helps in digesting the food you ate but also helps you relaxes and have a good night sleep.


I think I also consume a bottle of wine a month or even lesser. I don’t go out much and splurge on wine as my friends do. I try to live as frugally as possible while still enjoying life.

I’m kind of surprised to see that the average person in Italy consumes that much wine a month.


A glass or two per day. Most of the time I drink it with a nice dinner or when we gather for a celebration. I heard that a glass of wine here and there is good for you. Drinking alcohol can be good for your physical health when it comes to moderate wine consumption.


The thing is… I am too young to drink wine :smiley: So I don’t know anything on the topic :slight_smile:


I think I can consume two bottles every month, I like to drink wine after every meal. Some say drinking wine daily helps us prevent signs of aging and it is also good for the heart.