How many times have you been to Italy?


I have never been to Italy. I have a few relatives in Italy and I would love to visit them.

If I ever go to Italy, I want to visit Florence and Venice. Also, I would love to attend an Inter Milan game (big fan of that club).


I haven’t been to Italy because I’m only just a student. But my dream to is spend my wedding, honeymoon and vacations in Italy. I saw lots of inspirational and great blogs about the places and foods in Italy that excites me to come to Italy. I hope someday my dreams will come true.


I have never been to Italy before but I have some relatives working in Milan. I think they’ve been staying there for like 10 years now. I personally would love to go to Italy and when I get the chance, Colosseum is going to be the number one on my list. This structure is awesome and I have been watching lots of documentaries about it. Vatican is also a great place as well and is definitely going to be on my list as well.


I have been twice and I absolutely cannot wait to get back there. It is too bad I cannot be one of those people who gets to travel a lot or has the means to do so, but that is okay as it just builds it up. I should be able to get back there within the next five years or so and I have some family that is already starting to plan.


Twice, and I’m already saving for a trip back. I feel like after every visit it’s made me want to go back and explore more - I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface. I’ve done quite a lot of the touristy spots, so the next time I go back I’d like to do some more off the beaten path type travels (if anyone has any tips about that I’d love your advice!)


I’ve never been to Italy before, but I have plans to go there in the future. It is a beautiful place and it also has a rich heritage and culture. I’d love to go there one day and walk amidst the uncanny streets of Venice.


I haven’t been in Italy before but I am planning to go there someday. It’s cool to be a member of a forum about Italy so I will be able to have a glimpse of what to expect when I go there.


My husband and I visited Italy only once, a couple of years ago. This is the place where we would like to come back, but it is not a cheap vacation. We went in August and spent 10 days there. The main sights are magnificent, the air is fresh, the food is always delicious, the locals are friendly and well-educated. I have only good memories of our vacation, Rome is worth visiting. I bought several dresses there, and I love wearing them in summer.


Honestly I had never been at Italy for all of my life but If I would be given a chance to be there then I would really visit there because Italy is such a great place for everyone. I’ve seen beautiful places in Italy at the television, it was a dream come true for me to go there even just for once. I would really be happy even just for a short period of time.


I haven’t been to Italy but I have plan on visiting the beautiful country of Italy any time soon. Actually, I also have seen a lot video blogs to someone’s travel experience in Italy. It also seems like I am also there travelling with the vlogger. Also, many people say that it’s worth it to go to Italy and have your vacation become memorable and enjoyable.